Apr 12 2017

Another stabbing in Harrow? So why wasn’t it reported in the local press?

The Harrow Times yesterday published, briefly, a story about a stabbing in Stanmore over the weekend – but for reasons unknown, that story then disappeared. Links to it are on the internet, but the Times’ website now simply gives a ‘not found error’ when they’re clicked.

First, the Google Reader feed, which shows the story:

Clicking on the link goes to this page which returns a ‘not found’ page:

Fortunately, Google cached the page here, which looks like this:

The Harrow Times have been contacted for comment, so it’s unclear at this stage why the story got removed by the paper, and, indeed, all other sites operated by Newsquest, publisher of the Harrow Times.

Fortunately, the Evening Standard has the story here.

Even Barnet Police have tweeted it:

It’s all rather strange.


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  1. ricky123

    Paul, I would think the reason stabbings are not report much is because they are now common place in our society. We need to have zero tolerance to these witless people that carry knives.
    Lets start with 10 years inside with no Barristers/Solicitors to get them off. Straight from the street to prison, no court hearings and all that money making nonsense,just bang em up. Sorry for saying that all you left winger do gooder human right supporters, but its because of you guys we are in this position.

    1. iharrow.com

      As if by magic, the Harrow Times have now re-published this story, and backdated it two days to make it look like it was there all along (except the journalist associated with it now is different to the one who wrote the original, and is also the same one I contacted earlier today for an update).

  2. red mirror

    freedom of the press ?when this kind of thing is happening and not being properly reported orwellian tactics come to mind a similar incident occurred in a pub called the ox in south oxhey very serious but the watford observer never touched it hmmmm a microcosm of the macrocosm i am afraid. The real news is how much we are not told that is why the establishment is so hell bent on destroying alt media attacking and calling it fake news how about NO NEWS? this airbrushing is not acceptable at all full marks paul boakes for highlighting this subject god bless you and this site BIG THANKS.

  3. Jeremy Zeid

    Sounds worryingly like a copycat of what is happening elsewhere. Until the authorities come clean and report truthfully then all we have is rumour and conjecture. I hope that I am wrong.

  4. Someonewhocares

    Don’t think this is really so commonplace or a ‘conspiracy’ either maybe just lazy/bad reporting or the story was just totally mis-reported and/or exaggerated; Why else withdraw it? Why did only the hospital report it (if that part is true too)?

    – Strangely some of the stories say he went to hospital *himself* others modified this and implied he ‘was rushed there’.. so some press outlets also obviously copied/rushed the story out without checking the facts first?

    Now, what was that about ‘the truth being the first victim’?

    1. Someonewhocares

      Just saw your update Paul; See they moved this location from Stanmore to Edgeware now too? Wonder what other ‘facts’ they will change next?

      1. red mirror

        No conspiracy though someone eh?!!!.

        1. Someonewhocares

          eh?? That’s right RM: NO ‘Conspiracy’, just a reporting error.

          – and the only ‘Orwellian’ issue here is that ‘Big Brother’ (- CCTV in the Petrol Station) may actually help identify the perpetrator (?)

          1. red mirror

            you are the perfect citizen someone don’t complain when room 101 looms large in front of you i will not try to wake( someone)up so obviously asleep and willfully ignorant of the truth.

          2. Someonewhocares

            Well again RM the wide-awake truth is it was just a (reporting) ‘Foul-Up’ NOT a ‘Cover-Up’ – so no need for the Thought Police (this time)!

  5. Wealdstone Warrior

    Thank you to iharrow for highlighting and reporting this. I find out more, about goings on in Harrow on this site & from twitter, than I do from our local media. Why Harrow Times chose to pull this story is a mystery. The police are very transparent about incidents and will post to twitter and have an understanding that if they don’t post, the twitter & facebook community will certainly do so. Harrow Times needs to have a reality check that the days of controlling news stories are over. The public are not reliant on newspapers & TV, since the arrival of the internet.

  6. Sonoo Malkani

    I happened to see the article in Harrow Times and have commented under it.No idea about this being pulled from Harrow Times.I also found it reported as Edgware.Of course,I also noticed it said Barnet Police under it.Perhaps it’s on the boundary.Harrow Police do not cover up reports and it might be that Harrow Times considered it to be a Barnet story.Just conjecture!

    Anyway,the young man is no longer in a critical condition.That’s a relief but the perpetrator needs to be caught.

    I keep banging on about a Knife Crime campaign which badly needs to be launched throughout London ,by the Met Police Service,to help bring these stabbings to an end or at least minimise them.It does work as we have experienced in years gone by.

    1. Wealdstone Warrior

      I agree Sonoo, knife crime appears to be on the increase. I really do worry for future generations and especially for parents of young teenage boys. There needs to be a tougher stance on knife crime.

  7. Someonewhocares

    From ‘The Times’ source/s yesterday:

    ” A 35-year-old man has been arrested following an alleged stabbing in Edgware on Sunday.

    The man appeared at Hendon Magistrates’ Court yesterday morning (Wednesday) following the incident near the Esso petrol station on Spur Road, next to MacDonalds.

    He was charged with grievous bodily harm with intent and remanded in custody to reappear in court in May. “

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