Jan 22 2013

End of the Line for Harrow’s HPCCG?

navin_shah2It looks like the HPCCG could be put out of it’s misery at last, if the Mayor of London’s response to Navin Shah’s question surrounding the future funding for it is anything to go by. Back in October 2012, London Assembly Member Navin Shah asked the Mayor:

At a Police and Crime Committee meeting you confirmed that the ‘Harrow Police Community Consultative Group’ (HPCCG) should apply for funding from MOPAC as the funds were available. Why is it that MOPAC has been systematically blocking all approaches made by the HPCCG, Harrow Council and myself for funding to enable police communication and engagement in Harrow which has come to grinding halt since the last 9 months?

The Mayor, in a written response, replied:

MOPAC has certainly not systematically blocked Harrow Police Community Consultative Group or any other CPEG from funding. Councillor Navin Shah has been previously informed that funding for the Harrow Police Community Consultative Group was withdrawn as the group failed on three occasions to satisfy the MOPAC funding criteria.

I also know that Councillor Navin Shah recently met with my Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Stephen Greenhalgh, who advised him that MOPAC are not minded to commit further funds to a model of community engagement that is due to be replaced by a new model. 

So there you have it. The HPCCG don’t seem to be getting any funding from MOPAC – whether they’ll continue as an independent scrutiny group, pack up and go home, or whether their self-elected members will morph into whatever Community Engagement Groups that MOPAC sets up, remains to be seen. We’d note, however, that the Mayor of London believes that they’ll continue to ‘hold the Borough Commander to account’.

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