Nov 23 2011

‘Gunpoint robbery’ man guilty of wasting police time

A man who lied about being robbed at gunpoint has pleaded guilty to wasting police time.

Anthony Chelliah, 20, (14/2/1991) of Scarsdale Road, Harrow, appeared at Brent Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 23 November, where he pleaded guilty to wasting police time. He will be sentenced on 2 December.

Chelliah was charged with the offence on 11 November.

Chelliah, a sales assistant at an electronics chain, called police at approximately 12.30hrs on Thursday 10 November to say that he had been robbed at gunpoint on Northolt Road, South Harrow.

He claimed that shortly after withdrawing £460 from the Lloyds Bank cashpoint to give to his mother, he had been robbed by three men and that one of them was armed with a gun.

Local officers were immediately assigned to the scene, and due to the seriousness of the allegation, a police helicopter, specialist CO19 firearms team, and a police dog section were deployed to carry out a comprehensive search of the area.

Chelliah gave officers a description of the three suspects and was driven around the area to try and identify the three suspects.

Later that day Chelliah admitted to officers that he had lost the entire £460 playing a roulette machine in Paddy Power bookmakers and that he had made up the false robbery story because he did not want to get into trouble with his mother.

Acting Police Sergeant Tony McGovern, of Harrow Crime Squad, said:

“Chelliah lied to police because he couldn’t face telling his mother that he had gambled his money away. This was an extremely serious allegation which turned out to be a blatant waste of police time and taxpayers’ money.

“Whilst we act upon all allegations of crime, it is crucial that we direct our specialist resources and expertise to true victims of crime.”

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