Jan 25 2014

Harrow – 3rd Safest Borough in December 2013

police_bmw_150x150We had a peek at the Met’s Crime Figures for 2013 earlier. It would have been good to compare these with previous charts, but we can’t find the data, so a comparison with our last article, which showed Harrow as being 2nd safest over a 12 month period, isn’t very useful. However, back then, Harrow had a below-average level of crime. This month, we’re back to distinctly average again.

So, out of London’s 32 boroughs, who’s where?

Safest, with a rate of 4.11 crimes/thousand, is Richmond; followed by Sutton with 3.25, and then Harrow and Merton both getting 4.27. In other words, we’re twice as safe as Hammersmith and Lambeth; and some five times safer than Westminster.

Yeah, figures. It’s not that easy. Basing the crimes on a per-thousand-population doesn’t really help. Westminster is always going to be skewed by (a) it’s high number of visitors, and (b) it’s low number of residents. But if we twist the chart the other way, and look at the number of crimes (regardless of the number of people who live there), Harrow only drops to fifth place, with just over a 1000 crimes committed. Brent, for example, has twice as many. Westminster again has four and a half times as many.

There’s so many ways to slice and dice these numbers. Another way would be to look at the number of crimes in Harrow expressed as a percentage of crimes across the Met’s area in total: in a changing landscape, does Harrow still account for the same percentage of crimes?

And in this case, the answer isn’t so great. In October 2013, Harrow accounted for 1.67% of London’s crime. In November, it increased to 1.8%, and in December, it increased again to 1.84%.

Looking at it another way, Harrow had 1028 crimes in October, 1072 in November, and 1021 in December. That might say that the local boys in blue took their eye off the ball in November?

One final way, is to compare Harrow crime annually over the last three years compared to the Met’s numbers: in the case, Harrow clocked up 1.82% of pan-London crime in 2010/11, dropped to 1.74% in 2011/12, and crept up to 1.75% in 2012/13.

So, having confused you thoroughly with the numbers, how do we summarise? No idea, basically. Crime seems to be showing a slight rise in December compared to previously – seasonal variation? – but over the last year, seems to have stayed the same. The important thing to note is that Harrow remains one of the safest boroughs in London, and that’s the key point here here.



There are many ways to interpret this – if Harrow’s Police number crunchers want to share some figures on a monthly basis with us to get their points across, we’d be happy to publish them.

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  1. John Clement

    Very little credence given to the Mets figures which are deliberately understated.

  2. MysticMeg

    someone made this up surely? 3rd safest Borough? Really? Been to South Harrow or Wealdstone late at night recently?

  3. j p hobbs

    Sorry Bullshoot i have two letters from victim support in the last few years one for having my pocket picked right next to Weadstones stealth cameras in broad daylight the other for having been deliberately run down outside my house by a neighbours son after her using her Garage as a hair dressing and nail sallon and me complaining about it unsuccesfully to Harrow council
    by the way its still operating as such .

  4. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    email me the address jp-i’ll get it investigated.

  5. j p hobbs

    Harrow council sanctioned this a long way back in spite of the residents, then at a later date gave her the nod to do two more in her Kitchen , i believe it was who you know not what you know. but thanks Willy , So beds in sheds and hair drying machines in garages Welcome to Harrow .

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