Oct 22 2012

Harrow and Barnet to ‘merge’ Police Teams?

In a report given to October’s HPCCG (Harrow Police and Community Consultative Group) meeting on October 22, 2012, Harrow Borough Commander, Dal Babu, reported that there is a consultation under way to ‘merge’ the two police boroughs, with one borough commander overseeing both boroughs’ police.

The move, in part, is due to a need to fill a Met-wide budget deficit of £544 million by 2016. With 83% of the Met’s costs coming from salaries, a ‘shared-services’ type of approach is seen as a potential option to start some savings.

It wasn’t made entirely clear how this will help: on the assumption that (a) the police are running at or near 100% efficiency, in terms of manpower, and, (b) the venture will result in the loss of one borough commander and his immediate support team, the savings would look to be quite slim. That is, unless, other teams also suffer from a consolidation as well. Nonetheless, the net result is likely to be less officers, regardless of whatever level they’re at, if nothing else changes to compensate for it.

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