Dec 22 2015

Harrow Drops from 1st to 4th Safest Borough

police_bmw_150x150The crime stats for November have just been released, and the results don’t make great reading, unless you live in Sutton.

Out of the top five boroughs, Harrow had the greatest increase in crime rates during November (a jump of 5.89% from a rate of 4.92 to 5.21) which knocked it from 1st place in October, to 4th place in November. Sutton, meanwhile, saw a drop of 11.76%, taking it’s crime rate from 5.10 to 4.50, and promoting it from 3rd place in October to 1st in November.

Crime rates are the number of recorded crimes per 1000 people, and whilst not a perfect number, are probably the best way to measure and report crime.

This is how the Top Five look for November:


Position Borough October November Change
1 (3) Sutton 5.10 4.50 -11.76%
2 (2) Richmond 5.03 4.60 -8.55%
3 (4) Bexley 5.15 4.72 -8.35%
4 (1) Harrow 4.92 5.21 5.89%
5 (5) Kingston 5.35 5.51 2.99%


Last months’ position is in brackets; the change is the percentage change between October’s and November’s crime rate – a negative score shows a decrease in recorded crime.

Full details can be found on the Met’s mapping website here, although we’d express caution: the map itself is accurate, but the text view is currently still showing October’s figures, although they’re titled as being November’s.


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  1. Mr T Mills

    These figures are meaningless without detail as to which crimes have increased.

    1. Someonewhocares

      – Agreed, plus you have to read this 72-page document in order to interpret the figures, too!:-


      – It is rather like making policing into ‘Top Of The Cops’ – but ‘Safest’ is a misnomer, surely?

  2. mike mcfadden

    Lies damn lies and statistics. Orwell’s, thought police are alive and well in Harrow. Except they call it “predictive” policing. You can get any result you like by playing computer games and fitting up members of the public that need £2,000,000 to prove their innocence. White flight is real. Rochdale is real, Rotherham is real, Birmingham is real. Oxford is real. Doctor Shipman was a real doctor!!! Our councils and police are corrupt and their findings dishonest!!!!! It all started when they cooked the books with that Multicultural Madness. Followed by Cultural Marxists corrupt interpretation of Political Correctness. As Orwell predicted so many words were band it became impossible to express the truth. We now live in a country where its almost impractical to tell the truth in case it offends somebody.!!! Further, are you aware the political police can now use “hearsay” evidence against you!!!!!!! “Hearsay” evidence only belongs in a Police State or a Banana Republic NOT Britain.

    1. mike mcfadden

      The silence is deafening. Not even the Cultural Marxist have said a word or came out with their spell-checkers. I appreciate the truth hurts but it must be said if we are going to kick out the thought police and return to the rule of law, that once rule Britain and made it great. Where the police work for us not their own ego’s. Where politicians work for us the electorate and not for the chance of getting onto the Euro-Gravy-Train where filling-their-boots with tax-payers missing billions is the only criteria. These must be the darkest days Britain has ever known since the out brake of WW1 and 2. Well in the immortal word of the Middle-East-Peace-Envoy from “Hell” Billy-Liar. Things can only get better!!! Ave a nice day folks!!

    2. red mirror

      mike i have been voicing the same concerns for some time elephant in the room and all that I tried in the macrocosm to expose extreme wrong doing whilst I worked on harrow council and for my efforts I was ignored the incidences were covered up by management and a councillor and I was sacked the police were useless and uninterested but hey don’t pay the mortgage and the revenue collectors formerly known as police will turn up in riot gear to help the illegal Rothschild’s banking scum to throw you on the street this country is sunk trans humanism is very near when the chipped sheep will wilfully embrace their Orwellian servitude and our warnings like so many before will lie unheeded in a dim past of the last days of freedom of mind and deed god bless you mike at least 1 person in harrow has a sense of true humanity as has paul boakes .

      1. mike mcfadden

        Red Mirror, perhaps its time to collate evidence about the thought police and lying councils. I’m aware police threaten people and advise them not to say anything or else!! Sooner or later something must give.
        The Stazi didn’t last forever in East Germany. Honecker was eventually brought down!!!

        Sorry to hear about your personal plight I know of other cases where people in Harrow have had the thought police visit and been scared off because of threats to them and they fear for the safety of their families.
        How did a great nation like ours stoop so low ? I wonder where this going to end!!

        I thank iharrow for giving press coverage and perhaps an honest national news paper will pick it up. However, who’s going to investigate it ? The very same people who are perpetrating the crimes against the people!!! The liars and deniers are in full control. Look at the Hillsborough inquiry 25 years on and the police killing in Hale lane that took TEN years to get to court and the above abuse cases.
        As we’ve become aware justice delayed is justice denied. I have written to Bob Blackman, Harrow East MP but as you can guess NO reply but he did send me a Christmas card!!! ha ha ha Not much of a consolation. However, I am fully aware its always darkest before the dawn.

        Never give up. Although I’ve been warned twice that I’m going to be fitted-up. Lets wait and see. Its not going to be the first time!!! Ahh Happy new year. Lets make it a good one.

        1. red mirror

          happy new year mike thanks for your encouragement one of the things that keeps me going is that evil carries within the seeds of its own destruction i also have a deep knowing that the perps that i tried to expose will be brought kicking and screaming to justice this year i find it hard to sleep soundly knowing these creeps are going about their merry way BUT the times they are a changin god bless mike and paul brave souls that you are RESPECT.

  3. Kevin Whalley

    I am fed up with the Police coming up with their figures every time. Mr Mills is correct.

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