Sep 25 2012

Harrow Police and Community Consultative Group Expenditure

One of the reasons that the Harrow Police and Community Consultative Group was lambasted in the press, and subsequently questioned by the Leader of the Opposition at Harrow, Cllr Susan Hall, was over it’s reluctance to share details of it’s finances.

This, in itself, isn’t as bad as it sounds. The HPCCG operated with funding from the MPA (or did, up until the HPCCG’s funding got withheld earlier in 2012) to the tune of some £50,000 per year. Clearly, there were some overheads, which amounted to around £37,000 per year to Harrow Council in administration costs: meeting space hire, meeting administration, printing/copying, managing minutes, reports and agendas, dealing with public enquiries, supporting the chair, etc., etc.

The MPA funded the Council, which held the monies, and then spent them at the direction of the HPCCG on whatever good causes they thought deserved them. The HPCCG doesn’t hold a bank account; it doesn’t write cheques. It merely receives applications for funding, and, if granted, a cheque duly wings it’s way out of the Civic Centre to the group which made the request.

What most Harrow residents probably want to know is where has that money been spent? There’s absolutely no suggestion of any wrong-doing on the part of the HPCCG. Indeed, I’ve met it’s Chair recently, who took the time to explain the entire process to me (the vice-chair’s display of arrogance isn’t, fortunately, an indicator of the rest of the group) and happily provided details of the group’s expenditure over the last few years:


Date Amount Description
03 Apr 09 £148.30 Sub-inspector Debrah Calaby
22 May 09 £1,000.00 Under One Sky
30 Jun 09 £5,217.40 Crime Services Agency Adv. Safety Booklet
20 Aug 09 £1,000.00 City of Westminster
29 Sep 09 £500.00 Watford Discom Sports Trust
03 Nov 09 £17.50 Donation – Poppy Appeal
22 Dec 09 £500.00 Publicity – Asian Trust Ltd
22 Dec 09 £600.00 Community Engagement and Crime Prevention – Community Link Up
24 Dec 09 £500.00 Youth Achievement Award Support
11 Jan 10 £450.00 Poetry Workshop Asylum Team – Childrens Services
22 Feb 10 £170.00 Well Being and Confidence Workshop
23 Feb 10 £200.00 Harrow Children Services Outing for 15 x Youth asylum seekers
04 Mar 10 £500.00 Harrow Elders Carers Project
11 Mar 10 £500.00 Sai School Exhibition on crime prevention
11 Mar 10 £1,200.00 Harrow Asian Multicultural Association Youth Event
15 Mar 10 £1,500.00 Harrow Anti-Racist Alliance Youth Event
21 Apr 10 £500.00 University of Westminster – Advert in magazine
11 May 10 £500.00 Anti-Homophobic Day – LGBT inaugural event at Civic Centre
17 May 10 £2,500.00 Met Police Coaching organised by Harrow Police
30 Jun 10 £500.00 Community Link Up – Disability Crime Prevention Event
30 Jun 10 £300.00 Banner Display at Harrow Central Mosque
12 Jul 10 £425.35 Solon security mini purse/bag alarm
24 Aug 10 £1,000.00 Under One Sky Sponsorship
15 Sep 10 £100.00 Dal Babu OBE – Plaque for Award
01 Oct 10 £510.00 Diwali Celebration to NSC Media
01 Oct 10 £60.00 Pinner and Grammarian RFC Ltd
08 Oct 10 £500.00 Harrow Heroes Awards
02 Nov 10 £500.00 Funding – Youth Carers Dec 2010 event
08 Dec 10 £2,600.00 Comedy School Community Workshops
13 Dec 10 £400.00 Crime Prevention December Event
14 Jan 11 £658.51 Tamil Thai Pongal Inaugural Event at Civic Centre
04 Feb 11 £400.00 Kenton Adventure Event
18 Feb 11 £1,000.00 Harrow Asian Multicultural Association Event
22 Feb 11 £300.00 Therapies for Life Well-Being Session x 3
28 Feb 11 £351.48 Kenton East Ward Event
09 Mar 11 £500.00 Westminster Council
10 Mar 11 £1,000.00 Harrow Anti-Racist Alliance Youth Awards
10 Mar 11 £3,000.00 Neighbourhood Champions Handbook

Any typos on this list are accidental. For reasons of transparency, we also include the original one-page document, which you can download here (it didn’t OCR very well, so had to be re-typed).

We’ll be running more articles on the HPCCG over the coming weeks, explaining what they do, how they do it, etc. At the moment, the group is running without funding, having had three applications rejected by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) this year. They are, however, hopeful that those problems will be resolved shortly.

If you have any questions about the HPCCG, please contact their Chair: baldev.k.sharma@sky.com.

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