Jun 30 2014

Harrow Police and Partners Working Together

police_lantern_2-150x150Eight people detained after officers from Wealdstone and Marlborough Safer Neighbourhoods Team, working in partnership with Harrow Council and Immigration Officers, executed a search warrant at an address in Byron Road, Wealdstone on Monday, 23 June.

Police and partner agencies made enquiries at the address after receiving information that the property was overcrowded.

[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”We are going to work with police on protecting tenants”[/pullquote]

The property was in a terrible state. A total of 13 people were discovered living in the three-bedroom house, with just mattresses on the floors for them to sleep on. It was infested with cockroaches and there were signs of rat droppings in every room raising very serious environmental health concerns.

The owner of the property has been contacted by council officers and is currently helping with their enquiries, as he had not registered his property for letting out.

Police Sergeant Lorraine Warren said: “This was a multi-partnership approach to what was clearly a very serious and potentially dangerous situation.”

Councillor Varsha Parmar said: “To find 13 people into a tiny house with rat droppings on the floor is a shocking discovery. We are going to work with police on protecting tenants and ensuring that the crush on housing does not become a licence to rip off the vulnerable.”

Source: Met Police

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Good partnership working always brings dividends.Excellent work on the part of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams in Marlborough and Wealdstone.Sgt Lorraine Warren has a record for excellence which has once again shone a light on such malpractice.

    Encouraging that Cllr Varsha Parmar,with her local knowledge and as portfolio holder for Crime and Environment is personally dealing with these matters.

    Health & Safety as well as Immigration (some may be illegal immigrants) ,Housing,issues surrounding malpractice by irresponsible ,greedy landlords,and a host of others spring to mind –all part of this disgusting package.

    Feel very concerned about neighbours and the impact of vermin which might travel and infiltrate their homes,especially as cockraches and rats probably multiply during the hot weather.Harrow Council,have much to tackle here with much urgency.

  2. the red mirror

    yeah nice one would like to see the perverts in the council brought to justice (and these scum will be)you cant hide anymore the dam is breaking and you will pay a high price for what you have done if there are any police reading this i am happy to provide details.

  3. Concerned Harrovian.

    Red Mirror

    What kind of perversion is going on in the council? I suggest you go to the police station and give them any information you have so it can be investigated. Also it clears those councillors who have done absolutely nothing wrong because we do not want residents gazing at councillors’ pictures on the council website and making assumptions about their lifestyle.

  4. the red mirror

    oh my freind i am on a crusade to bring this to light its already cost me my job for trying to stick up for vulnerable people just how dep it goes i dont yet know but i can tell you this i WONT STOP WHILE I HAVE BREATH IN MY LUNGS TO SEE THIS FILTH PROSECUTED.

  5. sonoo malkani

    Red Mirror–you sound hell-bent on exposing some rather unsavoury goings-on,within the Council.This is a serious matter.It is best you speak directly with the Borough Commander of Harrow Police,Simon Ovens and let him have the facts.

    This will enable him to examine whatever factual information/evidence you can provide to back serious allegations of wrong-doing hinted at by yourself.That would be the fairest way forward for all concerned.Best to follow the proper course of action and let the LAW deal with it.No point wasting your breath,going about it differently.

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