Sep 28 2012

Harrow Police – Operation Cubo Results for September 27, 2012

Harrow Police have been busy again this week, running their part of Operation Cubo – the Met’s initiative to take uninsured vehicles off of the capital’s roads.

In Harrow alone, 60 vehicles were stopped and five of those were seized. A total of 18 motorists were fined or summoned and two un-roadworthy vehicles were removed.

Across the Met’s area, over 300 vehicles have been seized during September and 750 people have been arrested for crimes including rape, possession of guns, money laundering and drugs.

Commander Stephen Watson said: “Operation Cubo has achieved some outstanding results… We’re also helping to make London’s roads safer as uninsured drivers are more likely to have collisions and less likely to have road-worthy vehicles.”

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