Jan 09 2012

Harrow Police Receive Another False Robbery Report

Narayansamy Sivasenthil aged 36 of Coles Crescent, Harrow was fined £80 for wasting police time and arrested and cautioned for fraud after falsely reporting that he had been robbed in Harrow Recreation Ground on Sunday 8 January.

Sivasenthil told officers that he was robbed in the park, whilst warming up before going to the gym. Inconsistencies started to appear in his account of the robbery as he was questioned further by officers. He later admitted that he had made the whole story up and that he had lost his Blackberry earlier on that day.

Officers decided to arrest Sivasenthil for fraud as he had already reported the robbery to his moblie phone service provider and signed a police false reporting form declaring that the robbery took place.

Harrow Police will continue to name and shame anyone found to be falsely reporting a crime and wasting police time.

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