Mar 26 2016

Harrow Police Seek Public View in ‘Confidence Survey’

police_lantern_2-150x150Harrow police are seeking your views, please can you take a moment to answer the two questions below. Please reply directly to daz.wiltsher@met.police.uk with your responses.

Responses can be done by just listing the question number and choice, for example:

Q1 Fair

Q2 Good

The feedback received will be discussed and monitored at the monthly Harrow police confidence board.

Q1. Taking everything into account, how good a job do you think the police in Harrow are doing?

Very poor

Q2. To what extent do you agree that Harrow police are dealing with the things that matter to people in this community?

Strongly agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly disagree

It’s not exactly scientific, but if the police want a straw-poll on how the public think they’re doing, it can, perhaps, lead to better things.

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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Happy Easter to you all.Please make sure you take part in this simple exercise which will help local police officers to fine tune how they inter-act with you.It’s really a good and constructive way to find out how confident people in Harrow feel about the service they are receiving.

    Many feel confident already but even that can be improved by greater engagement –which this survey facilitates.It’s good to see them reach out to the general public and find out where the gaps may be so they can address that with the information which this survey will provide.There may be vulnerable groups,new arrivals and others who need to feel they are equally protected–that is precisely what the MET POLICE is aiming to achieve.A level playing field for all!

    There may be some who wonder why they should bother.I humbly appeal to you please support your police.The public and police working as a team makes life difficult for criminals and much safer for the man on the street.Resources have to be used wisely in challenging times such as ours.That provides taxpayers with a service which is better value for our monies!

    CONFIDENCE BUILDING is extremely important.Once you trust your officers and have confidence in what they are saying and doing you will be more likely to implement crime prevention tips which in turn makes you less likely to become a victim of crime.What a result!

    Also,once your confidence has gone up you will be more inclined to help solve crimes–another great result.INTELLIGENCE GATHERING is extremely valuable.Step up to the plate and take a few moments to complete these easy questions.

    Dont’ forget you are the “eyes and ears” for the Met Police.Not only can you help them with any information you have to foil crime but also to defeat violent extremists.In these days when the terror threat to the UK is real surely we need to work together to facilitate and make our policing even more effective.We must make best use of the resources in hand and try to improve the service wherever possible.For that,your support is key.

    Harrow is fortunate to be one of the top boroughs for safety.This has been achieved with a huge amount of ongoing work by our officers.I humbly urge you to please co-operate and send your replies in as soon as possible to daz. wiltshire @met.police.uk for discussion and monitoring at Harrow Police’s MONTHLY CONFIDENCE BOARD.You live and learn a new thing everyday,what goes on behind the scenes.

    Please be a great Harrovian and spread this message to your contacts.The more replies our police receive the better the quality of the survey.I am relying on you to do this.

    One other gentle reminder,please do attend the forthcoming public meeting of the Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board(HSNB) on April 5,in the Member’s Lounge at the Civic Centre.We start at 7pm sharp.Borough Commander,Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens,will be there to give a
    detailed account of Harrow policing and all matters pertaining to policing.

    Hope to see many of you there,having filled the survey!

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