Apr 11 2012

Harrow Police’s Weekly Blog – April 10, 2012

Harrow Police’s weekly blog, written this week by Detective Superintendent Neil Wilson…

As Mr Babu mentioned last week, I would be covering this week’s blog in his absence.

As usual, it’s been a busy and varied week with the day-to-day running of the police station and meetings both locally and centrally. Everybody is very busy and I am grateful for having such committed members of staff.

During the Daily Management Meeting when all of the daily crimes are reviewed I noticed that we had received two reports this week of bogus workmen calling at addresses in the Chartley Avenue and Everton Drive area of Stanmore. On both occasions the workmen duped their way into the homes of elderly people convincing them that they had problems with leaking water. The suspects then tried to convince the homeowners that they would have to pay up front, a large amount of cash to sort the problem.

Thankfully, on both occasions neither of the elderly people parted with any money. The suspects did however manage to steal a quantity of cash from the house in Everton Drive. The suspects were all described as being white, aged between 30 and 45. No further descriptions are available and no vehicle was seen.

Please be on the look out for anyone acting suspiciously in your neighbourhood. Has anyone been knocking on your door, claiming there’s a problem with leaking water and burst pipes?

If you know of any elderly neighbours please warn them against bogus workmen cold calling on them. If you do hear anything or see anyone acting suspiciously, please call police immediately on 999.

On a more positive note, two burglars who were recently arrested have been given prison sentences. Frazer Stent aged 25 of Vaughan Road, Harrow was sent to prison for 2 years and 8 months and John Keily of Oak Grove, NW2 was sentenced to 2 years in prison for burglary. We are never complacent, and catching burglars continues to be a priority. Please ensure that you do all you can to prevent becoming a victim of burglary by following some basic crime prevention tips:

  • Install an intruder alarm
  • Close and lock all doors and windows when you go out or to bed.
  • Make your home looks occupied by using timer switches on lights and a radio.

For a more comprehensive guide on crime prevention visit the home security page on our website.

Last Friday, Harrow borough took part in Operation Cubo which is a Met wide initiative at targeting uninsured drivers. Officers from Edgware and Queensbury Safer Neighbourhoods teams led by Sergeants Craig Hands and Mark Pullen had a successful day at two locations on the borough; Edgware Road and Camrose Avenue. By lunchtime, nine vehicles had been seized for having no insurance and a further three uninsured vehicles were seized during the afternoon.

“Be on the lookout for anyone acting suspiciously in your neighbourhood.”

Wealdstone Safer Neighbourhoods team and Harrow Council jointly held a ‘Week of Action’ outside the SNT base in Headstone Drive last week. The team were busy handing out crime prevention advice, handbag alarms and issuing Smartwater kits to the local residents. A new Neighbourhood Champion was also recruited. Three vehicles were seized for having no insurance and two arrests were made; one for driving whilst disqualified and another for immigration offences.

We have recently seen a spate of theft of number plates. Number plate theft may not seem the most serious of crimes to members of the public, however criminals steal number plates so that they can commit further, more serious crimes such as burglary and robbery in the hope that they cannot be traced. Security screws for number plates can be obtained free of charge from your local Safer Neighbourhoods team. To find out who your local team are, go to the Safer Neighbourhoods page on our website.

Volunteers play a huge part in supporting our local community and police service and we are always grateful for their support. Since the official launch of Harrow’s Street Pastors back in January the team of ten have been patrolling the streets of Harrow on Friday nights between 10 pm to 4 am with the aim of caring, listening to and helping those in the community they meet. The first few patrols have been very encouraging and the pastors have made many encounters with people who were in need of assistance. I have been informed that they recently assisted two vulnerable people before they were taken off in ambulances, two girls were accompanied to a place of safety before going home and five people, who were heavily under the influence of alcohol, were cared for. If you feel that you could support this work please contact Quinton Stowell on 07796 342320.

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