Feb 26 2013

Harrow Police’s Weekly Blog – February 25, 2013

police_lantern_2-150x150Harrow Police’s weekly blog, written this week by Acting Borough Commander Neil Wilson…

Inspector Aiden Whelan has nominated PCSOs Diane Harris and Robert Chidgey from Greenhilll Safer Neighbourhoods Team as officers of the week for assisting with the arrest of a man driving a car illegally and dangerously. PCSOs Harris and Chidgey concerns were raised when they pulled up alongside a Honda Civic waiting at traffic lights on Station Road, Harrow near Tesco and noticed an inordinate number of people within the car. They called for assistance from police officers before pulling the car over to the side of the road to speak to the driver.

The officers told the driver to let the passengers out for their own safety and were astonished when six children and three adults, including the driver, piled out of the car. One of the children had been sitting in the footwell of the front passenger seat, hiding under the front passenger’s legs. Had it not been for the sharp observations of these officers, the driver, who was arrested for numerous driving offences and had his car seized for driving without insurance, would still be driving dangerously around the streets of Harrow. Well done.

A cannabis factory was uncovered in Hazeldene Drive, Pinner last week after a member of the public called us with concerns about people acting suspiciously. When officers attended the address they found over 100 cannabis plants inside and equipment used for growing plants. Unfortunately no arrests were made, but thanks to a vigilant member of the public, a stop was put to this criminal activity.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”…it shows great community spirit when members of the public come together to help police…”[/pullquote]

The tell-tale signs to look out for are:

  • premises that appear to be unoccupied most of the time but people seen coming and going
  • blacked-out windows, or curtains or blinds that are permanently closed
  • a strong, sweet distinctive smell coming from the premises
  • unusual levels of heat emanating through the walls and floors
  • a humming or loud buzzing sound caused by fans

If you suspect that a property is being used for cultivating cannabis, call us on 101 or contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods team.

A 19 year-old man from Stanmore and a 21 year-old man from Wealdstone were arrested on suspicion of theft of motor vehicle last week after officers attended a call from another vigilant member of the public, who was concerned about two men acting suspiciously in Brockhurst Close, Stanmore. When officers arrived, they discovered that the car the men were sitting in had been reported stolen from an address in Stanmore earlier on that evening. On seeing the officers, both occupants de-camped from the car. The officers gave chase and detained one of the suspects in a nearby garden, the other was caught up with on Clamp Hill. Both men were subsequently charged with motor vehicle interference. Well done C Team.

The majority of people in Harrow are law-abiding and it shows great community spirit when members of the public come together to help police keep our borough safe. Please remain vigilant and call 999 if you see or hear anyone acting suspiciously.

Source: Metropolitan Police

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