May 14 2012

Harrow Police’s Weekly Blog – May 14, 2012

Harrow Police’s weekly blog, written this week by Chief Superintendent Dal Babu…

Please treat anyone who approaches you in the street and tries to sell you jewellery with suspicion. We have received a number of reports in recent weeks of thieves distracting their victims in order to steal gold necklaces in exchange for worthless fakes. Remember, if you see anyone acting suspiciously please call 999.

PCSO John Duggan of Rayners Lane Safer Neighbourhoods Team is a fantastic member of the Metropolitan Police Service. He always has a smile on his face and goes out of his way to be helpful . This week, one of his colleagues, PC Mark Dowse received an email from Alan Scott who has worked tirelessly for the people in Harrow in his role as Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Coordinator.

“That’s how policing should be.”

Mr Scott wrote in his email: “Please let your Chief Inspector know, that the concern and friendship that my wife received from John Duggan and his Safer Neighbourhoods Team, whilst I was in hospital was exemplary. He popped round every day to see if everything was OK with her. I was able to relax, whilst in hospital, knowing she was in safe hands, and that she could contact him if needed. Great job. That’s how policing should be.”

John was a printer before he joined the Met and was telling me how he met the infamous Bob Maxwell when he purchased the company John worked for.

I went on patrol and visited the home of a burglar this week. His family were very supportive of police and wanted to do everything they could to stop this one member of their close-knit family from offending. We were able to point the family towards the considerable support that is available from Harrow Council and voluntary organisations.

Families play an important role in stopping criminals and my officers and I will be visiting our top 100 offenders over the coming weeks and hand delivering a letter making them aware of the consequences of criminal activity.

We have seen a number of crime reports where people have been conned out of large sums of money when buying cars online. If you or a friend or relative are thinking of buying a car online please be aware of our vehicle buying and selling advice.

Although the buying or selling of a vehicle is usually straightforward, both buyers and sellers can leave themselves open to becoming the victim of crime. Do not let the excitement of buying or selling a vehicle compromise your safety or that of your money. This is one of the most expensive transactions most people ever undertake.

The internet is now the primary way to find a vehicle that is for sale – an estimated one million adverts are ‘on line’ every day. A small, but significant, number of these adverts will have been placed by criminals.

  • Don’t be the Innocent Purchaser of a stolen car.
  • Don’t be the victim of a Virtual Vehicle Fraud.
  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Details of the latest scams can be found on the Met Police Fraud Alert pages.

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