Oct 14 2013

Harrow Police’s Weekly Blog – October 10, 2013

simon_ovensHarrow Police’s weekly blog, written this week by Borough Commander Simon Ovens…

I was delighted to be part of the Harrow Neighbourhood champion’s conference on Tuesday the 1st of October at the Kadwa Patidar Centre Kenmore Avenue Harrow. The role of a neighbourhood champion is a key one for the prevention and detection of crime. This well attended event was an excellent opportunity to speak to Harrow’s current neighbourhood champions and stress what an important and key role they play for the borough of Harrow. It is the goal of the local council and Harrow Police to recruit a champion for every street within our borough and I am fully committed to ensuring this goal is achieved. I fully support this scheme and welcome any interested party to get involved in this.

Sign up to become a Neighbourhood Champion for your area.

“I fully support this scheme and welcome any interested party to get involved in this.”

Crime prevention

Take photographs of your valuables. Photographs of a stolen object greatly improve the chances of recovery. Photographs can be taken using any photographic format and need not prove to be expensive. Take a variety of shots of each object. Remember do not be concerned with taking the object from its most photographic angle; instead concentrate on what makes this object unique or identifiable. If possible:

  • Indicate the object’s size and dimensions by placing a ruler next to small items, or write down the measurement.
  • Show distinguishing marks, repair marks, hallmarks.
  • Show the back and front of paintings.
  • On many objects a flash-gun is difficult to use as it may glare on shiny surfaces such as glass. Use good even natural daylight or bounced /diffused flash lighting if possible.
  • Try to use a plain background, white or grey are best, avoid patterned wallpaper or carpet.
  • View examples of suitable photographs.

Write a short description of each of your valuables; It is much easier to do this now, rather than trying to remember an object when it is stolen.

Good work by my officers

I am very pleased with the continuous hard work by officers within my wanted offender’s management unit.  Their key role is ensuring that all identified suspects are managed and arrested in a timely fashion. Pc Andrew Sullivan is a serving officer within this unit and has achieved many good results for our borough. Gemma Evans, 33, of Peabody Close, Croydon, was arrested on the 3rd of October 2013 for the offence of fraud. This offence had been committed back in 2007 and Ms Evans had been on the run from the authorities since this date. With the extensive enquires completed by Pc Andrew Sullivan and his team, they were able to track her down in Kingston, Surrey. She was arrested and charged for this offence and also found to be wanted for a breach of a community order, also back in 2007. She has been remanded in custody.

This case proves that you can not hide from the authorities and sooner or later we will track you down and bring you to justice.

All this work is contributing highly to making Harrow the safest borough in London.

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