Oct 27 2013

Harrow Police’s Weekly Blog – October 21, 2013

simon_ovensHarrow Police’s weekly blog, written this week by Borough Commander Simon Ovens…

The launch of Operation Secure Streets will take place on Tuesday 19 November 2013. I briefly outlined Secure Streets in last week’s blog, in which I explained what this means in making Harrow the Safest Borough in London. Secure Streets will have a positive impact on the residents of our Borough. I have committed to supplying a large number of officers for the launch day, which will adopt a robust method of policing.We will be working in partnership with Harrow Council, Harrow’s Fire Service and many other committed partners.

I assure you that you will see a tremendous impact on the reduction of crime and, most of all, the fear of crime within the targeted areas. I expect many arrests and Secure Streets will ensure that crime and anti-social behaviour hotspot areas within Harrow Borough are tackled. I look forward to the launch and I will keep you updated with the results.

Why should I report crime?

By sharing information you have about a crime that has been or may be committed, you can help the police solve crimes and prevent future crimes from taking place. The MPS understands that it may be difficult to report an incident, but we encourage you to do so and we will listen, give guidance and support whilst treating you with dignity and respect. If you have been involved in a serious or sensitive crime, we have specially trained staff who will understand your needs and look after any of your concerns (you can read more about this below).

If you don’t report crime there will be:

  • [pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”I assure you that you will see a tremendous impact on the reduction of crime…”[/pullquote]No investigation
  • Very little chance that the offender will be caught or brought to justice
  • More people who may suffer what you’ve been through
  • No clear picture of crime across London, making it harder for us to deal with future problems

For every crime reported the MPS will:

  • Examine to see if it is linked to other crimes. If so, then the local police may direct extra resources to the area to prevent other people from becoming victims of crime
  • Log any property involved, which will be returned to you if recovered
  • Give you the opportunity to talk through your concerns about what happened and to receive reassurance
  • Refer you to Victim Support, a charity who can help you cope with both the emotional and practical impact of crime

Good work by my officers…

On Tuesday 9 October, officers within Harrow’s Safer Transport Unit seized two uninsured vehicles, which were being used on the roads of Harrow, under our Operation Cubo.

During the first incident, the officers’ attention was drawn to a vehicle that had overshot a junction in the Wealdstone area. They discovered that the driver of this vehicle did not hold insurance, resulting in the vehicle being seized. The driver was issued with a £300 fine and his vehicle was transported to the police car pound.

Shortly after the first incident, whilst the same officers were responding to a call for assistance, also in Wealdstone, their attention was drawn to a man riding a moped. He was stopped, and after carrying out a few checks it was discovered that he didn’t hold any insurance either. He was handed a £300 fine and his vehicle was seized and taken to the police pound. The response by my officers to both incidents fully supports and illustrates the ethos of the Met Police’s Op Cubo – “denying uninsured drivers and criminals the use of the road network.”

It is worth noting that the fine for driving on a public road with no insurance is now £300. Not only will you have this fine to pay but your vehicle will be seized. One of the outcomes of this seizure of your vehicle is the destruction of it. Please bear this in mind before you decide to drive your vehicle on the roads without having the appropriate insurance. It is also worth noting that police vehicles are fitted with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) which instantly tells officers if a vehicle is insured or not.

On Tues 8 October in Carlton Avenue, HA3, two white men assaulted a man and robbed him of an expensive watch. One of the suspects dropped his mobile phone during the incident as he fled the scene. Forensic analysis was carried out and identified a suspect from Enfield. On Friday the 18 October, officers from Harrow’s Crime Squad attended an address in Hertfordshire and arrested a man for robbery. He was interviewed, subsequently charged with the robbery and possession of cannabis and was remanded in police custody to appear at Hendon Magistrates on Saturday 19 October.

As ever, we continue to take robust action to help make Harrow the Safest Borough in London. I do hope you will join me in my vision and do your bit by making sure you make it really difficult for any criminal to prey on you and your property.

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