Oct 20 2014

Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board – October 28, 2013 notes

The Civic Centre continues to leak like a sieve. After our frantic hunt for notes from the top-secret Safer Neighbourhood Board meetings, someone else has emailed over a scan of some meeting notes from the October 28, 2013 meeting of the board.

We can’t validate the accuracy of these notes, but they seem to fit in with what’s likely to have been debated. These are the notes that the Council, and in particular, Cllr Parmar, didn’t want you to see.


20141020_snb_2As a reminder, the next SNB is coming up on October 27 at 6.30pm in the Civic Centre. All residents are reminded that they can go along and watch – perhaps even take part(!) – and find out who the mysterious bunch are that are supposed to be running this board.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Most interesting and an excellent refresher.This is a fairly accurate account of what happened on that night and the promises made ,which the public of Harrow naturally expect will be fully honoured
    I like the tone of the notes above and am very hopeful we can work in the self-same spirit of co-operation.

    I am sure,once we start attending and see how our SNB IS actually functioning we will be better placed to make comments which are both measured and constructive.Please let us not pre-judge or hold any prejudice.The more open-minded we are the better the results will be.We need to establish a good rapport with the Board and build trust so we can deliver what is best for Harrow..

    Looking forward to seeing many Harrovians on 27 October at this meeting.I am fairly certain that nobody will be able to take part,from what was originally agreed last October.Just check the minutes above.

    I must advise you there are some Boards who HAVE ALLOWED inter-active meetings and work beautifully.I suggest we do not disrupt or disturb our meeting but genuinely listen carefully and only make our minds up about how it is being run only after.reflecting on what we have observed.

    See you all.God bless Harrow.

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    I went on Harrow.gov’s website and entered Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board into the search box and there was no mention of this meeting. it just mentioned two councillors: Cllr. Hall and Cllr Parmar. Does anyone know where this meeting is being publicised to maximise attendance.

    Except for this website, where Paul has found out the details of the next meeting there would seem to be absolutely no mention of a meeting.

    Surely the Board should be seeking trust and rapport with the residents of Harrow

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