Nov 30 2015

Harrow’s Boys in Blue Recapture “Safest Borough” Flag

simon_ovens_new_150x150Despite crime in the borough being up 6.5% in October, compared to September (going from a crime rate of 4.61 to 4.91 for the month), Ch Supt Simon Ovens has snatched back the “Safest Borough” trophy from Bexley, who saw their place on the Hogan-Howe’s leaderboard slump from first place in September to 4th in October, following their crime rate increase of 21% (from 4.22 in September to 5.13 in October).

The Met, as a whole, saw an increase of 8% across the month, leaping from 59,097 crimes in September to 63,858 on October. As we move into Autumn, darker evenings always see an increase in opportunist crime, so it’s a timely reminder to keep back doors and windows locked, and think about picking up a timer or two for your lights, so your house looks lived in during darker afternoons.

Worst place for crime in the borough remains Greenhill (13.29), with Roxbourne (6.86) coming in second place and Roxeth (6.00) third.

More details can be found here. Residents can, of course, drop in to see Mr Ovens and team on December 1st at the Civic Centre, where he’ll be only too happy to explain how he’s working hard to clear up the borough.




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  1. sonoo malkani

    Three cheers for Simon Ovens and his team!Congrats,Harrow Police, for leaping back into the leading position for London-wide safety once more.This is all down to hard graft on the part of our dedicated police officers.I would like to thank Superintendent Mark Wolski for the part he has played in this.He retires tomorrow and carries our good wishes for the future.

    Do come tomorrow to the meeting ,in the Council Chamber ,and hear about Harrow’s safety status from the top cop.Please remember to leave your contact details without fail, so you do not miss out on events which are especially designed to empower you as well as the rest of the community.

    Light refreshments will be served in the Members’ Lounge from 630pm.Please be seated quickly so we may start the programme at 7pm sharp.Plenty to get through.

    Pleasing as our results are we must not rest on our laurels.I know Simon Ovens is keen to improve safety in Greenhill,Roxbourne and Roxeth.CRIME PREVENTION TIPS appear on the Met Police and Harrow Police web-sites.Make good use of them.Your local police teams will be happy to assist.

    Simple,common-sense tips such as leaving lights on timers during these darker evenings,keeping valuables in safe places such as bank lockers or safes and making sure doors and windows are kept locked at all times,installing burglar alarms etc all help cut crime.

    Also,it is important we keep our cars —particularly on our drive–locked at all times,not leaving the ignition on to warm up the car while you go indoors even briefly.This is an invitation for thieves.Installing security lights and not leaving objects of value on show in your car—-every little action counts and keeps criminals at bay.

    With Chanukah round the corner and Christmas only 25 days away it’s so very important we take the time and trouble to keep ourselves,our families,neighbours and our communities safe.It’s the best investment you will make.You will have ensured a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,free of the hassle and heart-break of crime for your loved ones.

    One other relevant point as we all get into the Festive Spirit,is to remain VIGILANT.We all know what’s happening in Syria and how things are shaping up.It is our responsibility to pass on any intelligence we have to our police.Remember,you and I,members of the community are the “eyes and ears ” of the police.Be an ally and a great Londoner.Report anything which seems fishy.Leave it to the experts to decide what to do with it.Never know how useful that information might be.

    Enough said.Looking forward to a successful and interesting inter-active evening tomorrow.
    See you there!

    Sonoo Malkani
    Harrow Interfaith Vice Chair

    30 Nov 15

  2. sonoo malkani

    Thanks so much to all of you who attended the Question the Cops event on 1 December.So good of you all to come at fairly short notice!.A huge thanks to Borough Commander Simon Ovens and his team of officers who sat on the panel as well as organised an ace event in collaboration with Harrow Interfaith.Harrow Police also provided us with light refreshments.Encouraging to hear Simon Ovens thank the public of Harrow for helping him and his officers make us the safest London Borough for 9 months of this year–thus far–by implementing crime prevention tips.

    Reminds me.Please ask your local Safer Neighbourhood teams to get your home
    “Smart-waterered” as soon as possible to deter burglars and also to recover stolen property if that were the case.It is cutting edge technology very easy to use,FREE of charge and paid for by Harrow Council.Every step you take to enhance safety helps us all keep our borough safe and in the lead in London.

    It was most rewarding to have a number of questions from the floor answered very expertly by Inspector Tanya Sprunks and our Borough Commander.Of course,others on the panel dealt with a range of concerns. Counter-terrorism was dealt with by Kirstie Newham and Domestic abuse by another colleague.The Question Master ,Mark Walker of Radio Harrow ,also did his bit in an unobtrusive manner.More than 100 attended and initial evaluations are most pleasing.We must focus on getting more youths to attend as well.Your suggestions to enhance such events are most welcome.

    I sincerely hope we will have many more partnership events to empower Harrovians in the coming year.Chairman Jack Lynes of Harrow Interfaith and Vice Chair Sonoo Malkani(yours truly) are keen to hold more of these sessions and also to invite Harrovians to become members of Harrow Interfaith for a moderate yearly subscription or as an associate member if you are a business or group.We have set our minds to be more inclusive and represent as many people of Faith and no Faith in our borough—–providing they have the same objective we hold dear.Harrow Interfaith has existed successfully for 30 years and are now opening the doors to the wider community.

    Please see website under Harrow Interfaith for further details.We already represent nine Faiths in this most religiously diverse borough in the UK and wish to promote Peace and harmony among all our people so that we remain truly cohesive.All the more important in today’s world.

    We often send out important policing messages to our diverse communities via our Faith groups.This is also open for those of no Faith.Inclusiveness is very important.

    A small reminder,the Borough Commander has cordially invited all Harrovians to his annual Christmas Carol Concert at St John’s Church Harrow(opp Debenhams).Please get there early.

    It is a brilliant event attended by leading folk including our Mayor and the Bishop.Room for up to 600-700!Personally recommend it highly.Great way to thank Harrow’s cops for all they do to keep us out of harm’s way throughout the year.The event is FREE of charge and starts at 730pm sharp.Do come and enjoy the mince pies,hot drinks and mulled wine.

    See many of you there.One not to be missed!

    A Very Happy Hannukah to those celebrating and a Very Joyous Christmas and Wonderful New Year to you all.

    Sonoo Malkani
    Vice Chair Harrow Interfaith
    9 Dec 2015

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