Apr 23 2014

Harrow’s Crime Statistics for March 2014

police_lantern_2-150x150The Met Police have published their latest data on crime across the capital, and Harrow is currently ranking as the third safest borough with a crime rate of 4.02 (crimes per thousand people). With Richmond Upon Thames the safest (3.71) and Bexley in second place (3.74) there’s a very real possibility that Harrow could, perhaps, reach the coveted number one position as the safest borough in London. After all, back in September, Richmond upon Thames was in 4th position.

So, looking at Harrow, where are the safest areas? The top three are Pinner South (1.92), West Harrow (2.22) and Headstone South (2.87). The bottom three are Hatch End (4.52) Stanmore Park (5.70) and Greenhill (8.94).  It’s worth pointing out that Greenhill racks up 111 reported crimes over March, nearly twice as many as Stanmore Park.

We found one sub-ward (E01002146, in case you’re interested) in Hatch End with no recorded crime during the month, down from six in February, and one with an ‘above average) rating (E01002219 in Roxeth), where reported crimes had gone up from 13 in February to 33 in March, more than doubling the crime rate from 7.17 to 18.20. The rest all rank as ‘average’.

It’s frustrating that better historical data isn’t available, as we can’t, for example, plot progress over the last 12 months at a per-ward level. However, we have a snapshot of Harrow below, showing the crime rates across the borough.


Overall? Crime in Harrow is up compared the last month (rising from 4.02 in February to 4.62 in March) which has bucked the trend quite considerably (January was 1014 crimes; February 962 crimes; March was 1107), although without historical data, it difficult to see if this is a normal pattern for the time of year. However, it does seem that the work in Wealdstone and Marlborough is paying off: in September 2013, we reviewed crime, and found that they held 20th safest and 19th safest – they’ve now moved to 11th safest and 13th safest, which is fantastic news. However, this might have been at a cost of Kenton East, which has dropped from 3rd safest to 7th safest and Headstone North, which has dropped from 2nd safest to 14th safest).

So, a fairly good month, with some taking back the streets in the worst parts of the borough. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out, and what Borough Commander Simon Ovens has planned to fix the problems in Kenton East and Headstone North, unless they’re just ‘blips’ in the numbers. Although that said, both wards already have falling crime rates over the last three months, so it might just be he’s already on to it!


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  1. sonoo malkani

    This is indeed good news though we must keep up the momentum and ensure we don’t become complacent.The number of crimes this month have gone up somewhat and must already be receiving close scrutiny from Simon Ovens.Having said that,it’s the time of year we have to ensure proper use of crime prevention tips put out by the local police teams.Simple stuff like not leaving the windows open and going out!

    Harrow is blessed with Neighbourhood Champions in many wards and will do even better in the fight against crime if ALL our wards became properly engaged.Crime knows and respects no borders.Your co-operation will help the wards lagging behind to prevent crimes and also make you safer.Contact Harrow Council and sign up for this worthy role!

    Tremendous work by Sgt Paul Mills in West Harrow.Impressed by many of the others also having improved their records.It seems blindingly obvious that two of the wards suffering most crime—Hatch End and Stanmore Park –are seen as”rich pickings” and will need special attention/resources till this problem is sorted.Our Borough Commander will see to it.

    Greenhill poses its own problems because of its location to the centre of Harrow.It is definitely on the police radar now.It will be most interesting to see how that ward progresses.Again,public co-operation is a huge help in cutting crime.

    It is so pleasing to know that Sgt Coleman has managed to make inroads into both Wealdstone and Marlborough wards and that they have improved considerably.The challenge is ongoing.Keep up the good work in that part of our borough and make sure local citizens also benefit from a safer area to visit,live and work in.

    Can’t wait for Harrow to top the charts but am pleased we are well on the way!

    Any wards presently not doing so well should do everything in their power to help their local officers turn things around,while Simon Ovens applies his mind to making them safer in their wards.Make full use of everything on offer–your Neighbourhood Champions,Smartwater,Crime prevention tips and of course,good old -fashioned common-sense to fight the crooks.Help your Borough Commander achieve our joint vision to make Harrow the safest borough in London.

  2. sonoo malkani

    My grateful thanks to Sgt Paul Culver of Rayners Lane and his dedicated team who have helped keep our crime down.

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    A good news story. Well done Simon Ovens and his team as with this kind of progress the number one position of London’s safest borough is within reach.

  4. sonoo malkani

    Couldn’t agree more and can’t wait for that red letter day!Been a few years since we held the top spot.Well done Harrow Police and our Borough Commander.

  5. Harrow Dude

    Harrow may be may be the third safest borough but violence against people is up, rape is up, domestic crime is up, racist and religious hate crime is up and Islamophobic crime is also up.
    Crime in Wealdstone always decreases when a dispersal zone is in place, but that just shifts the street scrotes to somewhere else in the borough.

  6. sonoo malkani

    Harrow Dude,you have raised valid points.However,the borough of Harrow is measured exactly as ALL other 31 boroughs London-wide.Just for your information the MOPAC(Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime) have SEVEN priorities listed for the Metropolitan Police to work to.It is identical for each and every borough.This is not negotiable.

    The Metropoilitan Police Service is obliged to work to a rather challenging agreed policy of 20% REDUCTION in Crime,20%REDUCTION in expenses/resources and 20%INCREASED Efficiency,on an ongoing basis ANNUALLY.

    It is called WORKING SMARTER for less in view of the economies the Government has effected during this challenging economic period.There is still a way to go and one is cautiously optimistic the gradual recovery will pick up momentum,with current strategies in place.

    That said,please rest assured we have been having meaningful dialogues with Simon Oven about the crimes NOT on that MOPAC priority list,at our HPCCG meetings and outside.He is very concerned about these as well and is looking at them in addition to the ones he is required to reduce,

    As a woman I am deeply concerned, as are others at City Hall and New Scotland Yard,that DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and RAPE are intolerable crimes against a huge section of our population which must be addressed.Mayor Boris Johnson has stated this since he took office.You may be aware that these crimes,in particular,Domestic Violence have gone up in Harrow.Please remember,all such deplorable crimes need to be reported before we can deal effectively with them.

    At the farewell meeting of the HPCCG on 24 March,Simon Ovens specifically referred to this as concerns were expressed as to why Domestic Violence has increased.He has put it down mostly to BETTER REPORTING.We are encouraging our public to fearlessly contact our Police or other agencies if they feel more confident to do that via a number of channels.I would humbly request that we allow them to come forward.In our borough it’s even more important since we DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is TABOO among many of our ethnic brethren eg Asians,African and other communities who pride themselves on family values.and might find themselves ostracised if they “washed their linen in public”.We have to take many sensitivities into account and then start uprooting these dreadful practices,WITH THE HELP of The PUBLIC .

    Please forgive me for the long reply which is designed to help shine a light on these delicate subjects.I am going on about this so you can appreciate that some steps have already been taken to get the COMMUNITIES themselves on board to help eg special presentations and anecdotal experiences of women who suffered,at the Swaminarayan Temple in Stanmore,with full support form community,teams of community leaders,Faith groups,local Councillors and the Metroploitan Police Service from the Yard itself held last month.Very well attended and supported by anumber of leading organisations.

    The same with RACISM,HATE CRIME & ISLAMAPHOBIC CRIME.All these are banned by the law and are punishable crimes..How can you FORCE anybody to love or like you?These crimes are far more insiduous and sometimes difficult to prove.

    That does not mean we should turn a blind eye or condone it.Nor must we throw our hands up and give up the good fight.In Harrow,we already have a number of THIRD PARTY REPORTING SITES for these nasty crimes to be reported in addition to the Police itself.Our Faith Groups are also aware of what is happening and are keen to help fight these crimes.The Neighbourhood Champions are also helping their police on this front.

    Soon VICTIM SUPPORT will be enhanced.and you will hear from your Safer Neighbourhood Board about this and other policing news probably by the end of June.

    Let’s be realistic.You are bound to have resentment and hatred increase —especially during tough economic times.It is just how human beings are, the world over!

    Harrow is blessed with a huge variety of cultures and people from all over the world.That in itself poses a problem since the borough now has an Ethnic population which added together is MORE than the indigenous population.We all have to work together to make our numerous communities realise they ALL have rights but also duties towards each other.Only then will our Community Cohesion remain strong.and healthy.It is ongoing work which must never stop!Bit like a good marriage but far more complex but exciting too.So much is achievable with like minds committed to tackling these important “quality of life” issues.

    It is fine for many of us ,who are fairly confident and secure to welcome the richness of our diversity and thrive on it.However,we must spare a thought for the many who equally find it hard to swallow the fact that the Harrow they have lived and worked in has changed quite significantly and that they are now in the minority in their “own country”.Change is often viewed with suspicion.Some are fearful and this engenders harmful negativity,leading to hatred of “another”—someone different which makes them uncomfortable and act irrationally.

    These are all feelings which occur naturally and when expressed sometimes are not received kindly.The problem now is that we are too “politically correct”.It would be far healthier to allow people to “let off steam” in a controlled and safe place together eg at a public forum specifically designed for this purpose and make sure that people of different ethnicities and faiths are able to bring up these issues in a RESPECTFUL way to help pave the way for better understanding beween all Harrovians,It is perfectly achievable.There is no excuse for promoting these heinous crimes.It is not just a POLICE MATTER but one for each individual’s conscience.

    Harrow Council
    is actively promoting inviting ALL communities,at community cultural events such as Diwali,Eid,Thai Pongal,Vaisakhi and many more.Of course logistically they have to allow the celebrating community more access.It has been very helpful to be able to have colleagues and friends from the HOST community attend and learn about the various festivals and cultures.This is a lovely way to bring down artificial barriers which flourish only in our minds.

    Demographic changes as dynamic as ours is bound to ruffle feathers but it is for all of us to help the authorities to spread the right messages and calm minds with FACTS,rather than figures often used mischievously by some for their own purposes.Also,no use getting hysterical about hard facts which we may not like.Best to look for solutions wherever possible to make life smoother.

    I am confident the MET Police and our Borough Commander,with partners and colleagues will not forget any of the above challenges and will help our borough to tackle these along with the MOPAC set priority targets.

    ViOLENCE in any form is INTOLERABLE and DEPLORABLE and will be dealt with robustly with help from all of us.Harrow is known for piloting many good initiatives.Let’s ensure we keep up that tradition and set the rest an excellent example.

  7. Harrow Dude

    So statistically we could be the safest borough but crime figures could still increase year after year…

  8. sonoo malkani

    I would not jump to that pessimistic and somewhat cynical conclusion Harrow Dude.Don’t have a crystal ball .Just happen to be far more hopeful and encouraged by crime figures which have been published by the Metropolitan Police Service as well as the British Crime Survey.

    Some of you will still howl “fowl”—–no matter what!Please tell me of any totally reliable format you could have total confidence in!In fact,the less you trust the Police,you are inadvertently helping crime to occur.It’s my humble submission that what you passionately believe in,is what will eventually come to pass.Which is why I keep pleading with local citizens to have a more positive mind-set and stop selling Harrow short.

    In theory what you have said could happen —though one certainly is aiming to do exactly the opposite.No matter which Party forms the government,I am sure we ALL want to have the least amount of crime in our country.Having agreed that,should we not roll up our sleeves to tackle crime together and help those who are charged with the task?

    Please let’s set our minds to helping the Police and their partners to make sure we do our bit to keep crime as low as possible in every category—including the ones not marked “PRIORITY”.

    We have our own local issues which each borough have the freedom to deal with in their own way.The Safer Neighbourhood Board which is being established currently,will advise us how we can ensure we tailor our policing to suit our own needs —bearing in mind the MOPAC priorities must be adhered to.

    Meanwhile,let’s be generous and give credit where it’s due and congratulate the Borough Commander and his team for getting us promoted up the League table.

    Keeping their morale high is conducive to better policing.Everybody likes to be appreciated for contributions made.These have made our safety record improve quite markedly in the past twelve months which must re-assure local folk and visitors alike.

    Welcome to Harrow,and enjoy safe living ,working and shopping!

  9. PraxisReform

    Better reporting?


  10. sonoo malkani

    PraxisReform has given us a link to access and judge for ourselves whether or not crime is genuinely falling.Despite these findings the trend towards crime is UNDENIABLY FALLING.Please read the whole article and what the reporter has set out at some length.

    The setting of targets has sadly become an obstacle.We need to free the police to get out and reduce ALL crime —small and big,setting priorities but not ignoring the everyday crime which affects the ordinary person on the street.It matters very much to whom it happens.

    Who can deny that,VIOLENCE AGAINST THE PERSON and other serious crimes merit additional support but surely not at the expense of equally heinous crimes such as RAPE & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE .These,surprisingly, don’t even count among the SEVEN PRIORITIES set by the MOPAC(MAYOR’S OFFICE FOR POLICING & CRIME) and urgently needs reviewing.

    Criminals should be made to realise powerfully that they will be taken to task for harassing ordinary folk going about their normal business and punished rigorously not only if they commit crimes such as ROBBERY with ASSAULT or AGGRAVATED BURGLARY but if they choose to upset the balance of safety in our society —by defrauding vulnerable senior citizens,dealing drugs,grooming children online,trafficking or ANYTHING WHICH BREAKS THE LAW OF THE LAND which we honest citizens cherish dearly.

    Nobody is left in any doubt after the HMIC report that recording of crimes definitely needs to be done assiduously and that the facts emerging from this review show that as many as 20% go unrecorded.This is WHOLLY UNACCEPTABLE. Home Secretary Theresa May was shocked at the findings,admitted this is simply NOT ON and has promised to take a hard look at the entire process of crime reporting.She is concentrating on addressing these issues.

    The present state of affairs is not solely the fault of the Police.They are merely following instructions and under extreme pressure to HIT TARGETS.It’s almost become an obsession.We have to think more broadly and laterally and stop being beguiled by statistics, set in tablets of stone.Policing today must be fluid and dynamic to keep up with the changing face of society all over the world.We must free it from the shackles imposed on our Police Forces and let them get on with it.

    Successive governments come up with different policies and processes to measure policing success.This has created so much extra work,yet resources are stretched to breaking point.This is ludicrous.The goal-posts keep moving and new measures brought in at the top without proper consultation with the troops on the ground ( the bobbies on the beat)or the public they serve.What a lost opportunity!

    This has gone on for far too long and must change if the Police are to win back public confidence and restore our policing to its former glory.I am sure these matters will be hotly debated and hope necessary changes made to help re-build confidence between public and police so we can jointly concentrate on effectively tackling crime and not on police bashing!

    You will notice that this report is based on the two largest Police forces–the Metropolitan Police Service as well as Greater Manchester Police which make up 60% of the work force.There are many more still to be inspected and reported on but initial reports show that improvements in this sector are ESSENTIAL AND NEED URGENT IMPLEMENTATION.

    That said,it’s easier said than done but not beyond the pale.TOGETHER,we certainly can and will make that a reality and build on successes achieved thus far.Give your Police full credit where it’s due and give your help and support where you find them wanting so that they feel empowered to deliver the sort of results we all aspire to.After all,we’re aiming to achieve a common goal–aren’t we?Go for it!

  11. Concerned Harrovian

    The renewal of the dispersal zone for the town centre should bring the crime figures down. Also the day of action in Wealdstone should also help. Amazing that a lorry had to be brought into Wealdstone to remove the illegal booze. I hope heavy fines will be levied against those shopkeepers selling the illegal booze. It is not fair to the other traders in Wealdstone High Street who abide by the rules.

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