Nov 16 2011

Harrow’s Police Operation Reclaim – result!

Harrow Police were carrying out another of their regular operations, Operation Reclaim, in Alexandra Avenue yesterday. During the course of the operation, 96 vehicles were stopped for one reason or another, and five cars without insurance were seized under the appropriate legislation.

These operations usually work with a ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) vehicle parked up monitoring the vehicles that pass it and reading their number plates. Any vehicle without road tax, insurance or MOT – or for any other reasons – would alert the operator, who would then radio an officer further along the road to indicate it to stop. They seem to be supported by traffic officers – often on motorcycle – who can be deployed should the driver decide that they don’t want to stop…

This is clearly a good result, and whilst it’s unlikely to mean motor insurance costs decreasing, getting uninsured vehicles off the road is absolutely a good thing.

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