Oct 05 2012

Harrow’s Top Cop Invents Time Travel Machine

Well, maybe not exactly. But as regular readers will know, we publish Harrow Borough Commander Dal Babu’s weekly blog, where he updates us on what’s been going on in the world of policing in Harrow.

However, his latest blog – published today – says:

Last Monday I attended a memorial service at Harrow and Wealdstone railway station to mark the 60th anniversary of the worst peace time rail crash in the UK in which 112 people died and 340 were injured. This was an extremely moving service and a reminder of the vital roles of the emergency services in times of crisis.

That can’t be the case, as the memorial service hasn’t taken place yet – and isn’t scheduled to happen until three days time! Do the Met now have time travel machines? I think we should be told.

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