Oct 20 2012

HPCCG Vice-Chair Takes an online Pounding

Edward A Rudolph, the 74 year old Stanmore resident who is one of two vice-chairs for the HPCCG, has been attracting a lot of attention from a number of online users recently. Whether this is some reverse psychology to drum up interest in Monday night’s HPCCG meeting, we’re not sure.

In response to his page-long posting intended to “…put a stop to the malicious lies, rumours and personal attacks on me regarding the Harrow Police and Community Consultative Group (HPCCG) and my association with it…” a number of other users jumped in with their own comments, one of which caught our attention:

“EDDYBOY, when people dip their noses into things because it makes them feel high & mighty in their community, they sometimes get caught out. You must understand that you are not that important. You are a basic local OAP & not a film-star or a pillar of your community!. If you act like you do on here ie pompous & bigoted, people will automatically take a dislike to you. You are a nobody, you are not helping by butting your nose into things that you cannot handle. You would be of more use if you stopped interfering in other peoples life’s.”

The full discussion can be seen here. In case Yahoo take it down, or remove posts, we’ve captured the conversation here. It’s clearly not turning into a good weekend for the HPCCG!

Photo credit: Harrow Times

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