Jul 18 2012

HPCCG’s Relaunch Blog – July 18, 2012

The Harrow and Police Community Consultative Group has relaunched itself following it’s recent collapse after its previous inability to get it’s funding application right. Regular readers will recall the group’s reported poor financial management, when it was lambasted in the local press for spending money on sending local children to the theatre, and to yoga classes and for excessive catering costs having spent £3.50 on a carton or orange juice.

We’ve got their re-launch blog below, and you’d perhaps be forgiven for thinking that this has more than a passing resemblance to the phoenix given the make up of it’s past and it’s current committee. That said, however, the new HPCCG seem anxious to draw a line under the mistakes of the old group, and move on, so we’ll watch with interest.

We’ve had to correct the awful grammar, punctuation and capitalisation in the original document – it was entirely in UPPER CASE with spaces before commas and full-stops, although the context of the message is much the same.

Hello Harrovians!

You will be pleased to hear that your very own Harrow & Police Community Consultative Group have re-launched their services on 2 July. As promised at their last meeting at the Civic Centre on March 19. Your enthusiasm has made this possible.

It was most rewarding to see so many of our residents and other supporters attend this Extraordinary General Meeting in the members lounge and to be able to re-connect with them at this public forum. We were fortunate to meet, despite no funding. Attendees were very anxious about many issues. We will be addressing these shortly, on their behalf.

With the kind help of members present we successfully elected a new management committee. We have started afresh, with a completely new slate, and are keen to move forward to serve our public diligently without wasting precious time dwelling on the past.

Baldev Sharma was elected Chair, along with joint vice chairs Edward Rudolph and Subhash Sampat. Jayesh Pabari will handle financial responsibility, as our honorary treasurer.

My humble thanks to all those who have elected me as your communications officer, incorporating publicity. I will endeavour to work closely with you to high-light our works and to re-engage effectively with the whole community of Harrow – precisely as we have done since the past three decades. Your participation is key to our success.
We also elected three committee members, a youth officer with an assistant. Additionally, we have on board, trusted former committee members, Warwick Hillman and June Skidmore, they will use their considerable experience to support the management, in whatever way they can.

We are also building a bank of volunteers to help support us, as and when needed. I am confident some of you will step up to the plate and help strengthen our hands. We will enrol you at our next meeting which will be announced in the local papers.

GLA member for Harrow and Brent, Navin Shah, attended and also brought messages of hope for the possible funding of the HPCCG. He is now a member of the Policing and Crime committee at the Mayor’s office at city hall, in London. Negotiations are ongoing.

One cannot emphasise enough that our group is totally independent, non-political and run by volunteers for volunteers, emanating from the community of harrow. This is very clearly stated in our constitution. Our freedom is non-negotiable.

Ours is a community-led group. It belongs to the people of Harrow. Our aim primarily is to make the local police robustly accountable to members of our public. Quality community engagement is a top priority. We will also endeavour to keep our borough harmonious and friendly so that it creates an environment which supports our growth in innumerable ways. Respect for one another is high on our agenda.

You will appreciate the disconnect which has slowly developed while we have been temporarily inactive. This has to be turned around very quickly so that we can all work as a united team – the public, police and all relevant partners, to help prevent and reduce crime in our borough. We must help keep our safety record in good order. There is no room for complacency nor can we afford to drag our heels any longer on issues which affect us all. Team Harrow must deliver and defeat crime and criminality.

We have heard mayor Boris Johnson state unequivocally, in his may 2012 web-cast, that there is funding reserved for Harrow and that we may apply for it. This is an avenue we must explore very sensitively and hope we are successful in our bid. We are still the only London borough minus our funding from the MOPAC (Mayor’s office for policing and crime).

We dearly hope this will change in the near future. However, we cannot be certain of the outcome. This is being carefully negotiated. The Mayor has made some excellent promises to help Harrow, in his election manifesto, which one hopes he will aim to fulfil. Harrow deserves it!

The HPCCG will also be arranging joint ward panel meetings, with the support of the Harrow police, which will feed-back local concerns to the borough commander directly and help to develop a comprehensive picture of policing in the whole borough. We will work with relevant partners as well.

Harrow police have several new initiatives which you will hear about as time progresses. Please in the meanwhile, follow their advice on crime prevention. The main concern at present is theft from motor car vehicles —such as sat nav systems and items of value carelessly displayed. These are easy-to-prevent crimes. Your Safer Neighbourhood Teams have anti-theft screws for number plates which are often stolen so that criminals may use your vehicle to commit crimes and then abandon them. Please also continue to follow advice on residential burglaries and robberies which have currently declined.

These web-chats are a golden opportunity to hear directly from members of public with a view to finding out their views so that the met can fine-tune their services to fit in with our needs, wherever possible. this is in keeping with the commissioner’s commitment to connect more effectively.

Go for it! It’s a real experience.

We’ve asked the HPCCG to provide a copy of their constitution so that we understand exactly what they’ll be doing, as well as details of their committee members. If they’re as open as they promise, I’m sure these will be forthcoming shortly. We’ll keep you posted.



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