Oct 25 2011

Major Police Incident in Harrow Town Centre – update

As we reported earlier, there  are reports of an incident inside St George’s Shopping centre in Harrow Town Centre this afternoon. The Centre and all shops are currently closed, and are expected to be closed for the next few hours.

  • We know that someone – reportedly a male – was pushed/fell/jumped from one of the floors inside the shopping centre itself: not the car park as was previously reported elsewhere.
  • There are a number of reports of a stabbing, although there is also one – unconfirmed – report of a shot. However, it could also be a suicide attempt – there is little formal information being passed out by the Police.
  • Some reports are noting that he victim was killed as a result of the fall, although this hasn’t been confirmed by Police.
  • There are inconsistent reports on which floor the incident happened: some reports are saying the first floor, others are suggesting the fourth.

Harrow Town Centre is obviously very busy with Police at the moment, and it may be best to avoid the area. We believe that the exit from St Ann’s car park, as well as other roads around St Georges, are likely to be experiencing delays.

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