Jul 20 2011

Making Harrow a Safer Borough

Dropping through letterboxes this week is this bright-yellow, expensively-produced guide from Harrow Police on the theme of ‘Making Harrow a Safer Borough’. The pack also contains a UV marker pen, and a couple of window-stickers to warn off potential burglars.

The guide contains a number of useful – and sometimes, obvious – points, such as making sure all your windows are shut and locked at night: even the smallest ones. It encourages you to mark, and record, all your valuables (marking with your house name/number and postcode is suggested), and it has a couple of pages dedicated to the motley crew from Roxeth SNT (who, this time at least, appear to have hired a professional photographer for their picture).

Disappointingly, the guide still refers to the old Police non-emergency number (it begins with 0300… but we won’t repeat it here) instead of the new 101 non-emergency number launched recently.

Do spend ten minutes reading the guide. Anything you can do to prevent a burglar choosing your home is worthwhile.

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