Apr 25 2014

Man sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for attempted murder

police_bmw_150x150Kantilal Varsani, 46 (17/06/67) of Malvern Gardens, Harrow was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment at Harrow Crown Court on 24 April after being found guilty of attempted murder.

Kantilal Varsani had been having an ongoing dispute with a nearby resident for the past couple of years. On Thursday 5 September 2013, Kantilal Varsani saw the victim, a 60 year old female in a garden in Malvern Gardens, Harrow. He entered the garden by climbing over the fence and hit the victim over the head a number of times with a claw hammer.

London Ambulance Service attended and the victim was taken to hospital with life threatening injuries. She had several impacted skull fractures and had to undergo surgery. The victim lost the sight in one eye.

Kantilal Varsani was arrested at his home address and charged with attempted murder on 6 September 2013.

He was found guilty at trial.

The officer in the case DC Daniella Zenga from Harrow CID said: “This was a serious attack which caused life threatening injuries to the victim and has had a major impact on her and her family who have shown great courage throughout this investigation. The sentence given reflects the seriousness of the incident. The police take all incidents of assault very seriously and all of the officers involved have worked tirelessly to bring this offender to justice.”

Source: Harrow Police

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Great work by Harrow Police,,CID officer DC Daniella Zenga and Harrow Crown Court.At least the victim has the satisfaction of knowing the perpetrator has been securely locked up and is no longer free to be a threat to other innocent citizens.

    Hope this lady is on her way to recovery.The attack must have impacted greatly on her life style and confidence,especially after losing vision in one eye.Hope she is receiving sufficient help from VIctim Support and other allied agencies.

    Full marks to her family for their support throughout this traumatic time.Just shows what can be done to apprehend violent criminals and keep them out of circulation.

  2. Hiren

    Love the way this article makes Mr Varsani look like a criminal, he did what he did in anger and rage, which was provoked by his neighbour, The women could have avoided this from happening keep she avoid confronting him and egging him on to do something. I live near by and have seen the situation between the to, I personally blame the lady her comments and attitude were always one day going to lead to this.

    1. Avni

      @Hiren Are you ok? Or are you also mentally retarded like Kantilal varsani the killer. how can you blame the old lady and say it was her fault she got hit on the head with a hammer? What if this old lady was your mother or aunt who had a dispute with a neighbour? would you still say the same thing? People like you are disgusting, there is no justification for this kind of behaviour shown by like psycho killer.

  3. sonoo malkani

    Hiren it seems you have seen and heard what has been happening for some time,as a neighbour.Did you ever report this to the local bobby or ask your local Councillor or MP to help out.?

    Since I have no personal knowledge of the situation as it has developed over a periodof time,I feel at a distinct disadvantage..I do,however, understand that provocation over along period of time can contribute to all sorts of problems.All the same,VIOLENCE is not the answer!

    Believe me.many of us have experienced really difficult neighbours,who use needling tactics to make one’s life a merry hell.Often such folk make derogatory and unfair comments which can sometimes even be racist and totally over the top.Takes all sorts!It is very hurtful and hard to bear.

    Having said that most of us either seek the help of the Law or choose some other venue to tackle such thorny issues.A lawful,orderly society requires this of us.Otherwise,many might take the Law in their own hands to “fix the problem “,with disastrous consequences, as has happened in this case.

    Anyone who feels they are at the end of their tether had best SEEK HELP and SUPPORT—rather than snap and violently attack another human being,no matter how badly they have been provoked.

    Hope this young man is receiving proper support to manage his anger so that he can learn the value of handling life’s challenges in a more peaceful manner.He will come out someday and will need to have a normal life like the rest of us.There are many schemes in place to help those inside to be better adjusted and no longer pose a threat to others,

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    I imagine that many people in Harrow could find things that annoy them about their neighbours. However they do not resort to attacking their neighbours with a claw hammer. Following Hiren’s logic, that if you neighbour upsets you should attack them with a hammer and feel justified in doing so, sets alarm bells ringing. Why did Mr Varsani not do the law abiding thing and contact the police anti=social behaviour team if he was in dispute with his neighbour.

    Hiren glad to know whereabouts you live. I suggest all Harrow residents take steps not to be anywhere near Malvern gardens given that you have broadcast your intentions as to what you will do if anyone dares to upset you. Unfortunately this makes Malvern Avenue a no go area. I wonder how the other residents feel that you have made Malvern Avenue a no go area?

    By the way Mr Varsani IS a criminal.

  5. sonoo malkani

    Malvern Gardens and the surrounding area are in the vicinity of a lovely local Church and a very caring Vicar.I am sure he welcomes all residents.Your local Councillors are also good at helping with all sorts of issues.Why don’t you try and seek help instead of just losing it!

    I whole-heartedly agree with Concerned Harrovian that this sort of violence is simply NOT ON and is definitely a VIOLENT CRIME—not just any old crime.

    So,our Police take it very seriously.Local citizens also take a very dim view of such horrendous activities.We all like to feel safe and sound in our neighbourhoods and cannot allow this kind of anti-social behaviour to flourish.

    Please speak with your Rayners Lane Safer Neighbourhood team and express any concerns you may have and try to appreciate that at NO TIME is this kind of action acceptable.

    It is exactly what the Police are doing their best to try and stop in order to protect us and keep us out of harm’s way.Please let us support them and not make excuses for criminal behaviour

  6. Concerned Harrovian

    I do not know if Hiren is the real name of the poster above who advocates dealing with annoying neighbours by hitting them with a claw hammer. Unfortunately residents of Malvern Gardens will be viewed as the possible hothead Hiren which is a slur against law abiding residents.

    Sonoo Malkani has posted above “Malvern Gardens and the surrounding area are in the vicinity of a lovely local Church and a very caring Vicar. I am sure he welcomes all residents. Your local Councillors are also good at helping with all sorts of issues”. It is unfair that this one lunatic supporter of Mr Vasarni is giving the area a bad name.

    On Harrow.Gov Cllrs. Nickolay, Noyce and Suresh are listed as representing Rayners Lane ward. Perhaps they should pay the Gardens a visit along with the Safer Neighbourhood sergeant and advise that is against the law to violently attack a person however angry you may feel.

    Perhaps iharrow.com could approach the above councillors for their comments.

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