Aug 09 2014

Message from Harrow Police on Distraction Burglaries

police_bmw_150x150Harrow Borough has been experiencing distraction burglaries, where the suspect poses as an official person eg: Police, Utility Company Official, Gardener etc.  These people  con their way into houses and once inside steal anything they can quickly get their hands on.

If you have a knock at your door, please put the chain on if you have one and ask for identity documents.  A Police Officer will always carry a warrant card, Utility Company Officers will have identity documentation.  Gardeners and window cleaners knock at doors to gain extra business, make sure you get their names and telephone numbers, and don’t let them inside your house.

If you are concerned about anyone at your front door, please ring 101 and inform the Police of the situation.

If you need further crime prevention advice please contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team.  The below link will take you to the web site for Safer Neighbourhoods, just place your Post Code in the box and the details of your local team will appear.


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  1. riders of the sybian

    how about more boots on the ground.

  2. PraxisReform

    The impression that I get from the police is that they’d like a nice pliant population, so that they can fob us off with half baked statistics, relax and continue to blame the public for opening a window in sweltering hot weather or being taken in by a fake ID card.

    Then they can continue to ignore crime, and take their aggression out on random people, as was the case with Jean Charles de Menezes, Mark Duggan, Harry Stanley, Azelle Rodney, Ian Tomlinson, Richard O’Brien, Joy Gardner, Sean Rigg, Anthony Grainger, Jordan Begley and Smiley Culture, etc. etc.

    So, people need to understand their rights better:

    The Police have NO automatic right to enter your house, unless 1) a crime in progress or 2) they have a properly authorized search warrant.

    In this way, criminals won’t want to put up with people questioning their authority, and the Police will be more likely to follow the law, if they know that they might be held account for their actions.

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    When I attended the final HPCCG meeting in April 2014 the public were told that this was to be replaced by a new organisation called The Safer Neighbourhood Board. As far as I am aware this board has never held any public meetings whereby the public could hear about policing matters, current policing statistics and raise questions.

    Is this another case where there is secrecy and lack of transparency? If there are meetings why are they being held in secret with the public being excluded? Just what is going on?

  4. PraxisReform

    The Police are basically lazy, by which I mean that unless there’s CCTV or DNA involved, they’ll have no interest in putting boots on the ground and doing some real detective work.

    So, I suspect that whatever this Safer Neighbourhood Board is supposed to be, it’ll just be a more expensive version of the toothless watchdog that was the HPCCG… Ignoring the facts, asking the wrong questions and blindly accepting the first answers given by the Police, no matter how implausible.

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