Feb 12 2014

Met Police Launch Consultation on ANPR Cameras

police_bmw_150x150Today, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson launched the public consultation around the Met use of ANPR data from Transport for London’s (Tfl’s) Congestion Charge and Low Emission Zone cameras in the fight against crime.

Over the past 12 months the Met has been developing approaches to assess the value of using the data from the TfL cameras and to ensure that their protections for the data are robust.

The Met already collects ANPR data from a limited network of cameras to investigate crimes and to intercept vehicles linked to crime but this will give police access to data from 1,300 more fixed cameras across London, effectively more than tripling the coverage.

ANPR data is a vital tool in the fight against crime. It was crucial in tracking down and bringing about the conviction of the five young men responsible for the murder of 16-year-old Hani Abou El Kheir in Pimlico in January 2013. In September 2013, it was used to trace and arrest the occupant of a car who had allegedly attempted to abduct a child.

Detective Superintendent Neil Winterbourne, ANPR Bureau, said: “Over the next two months there is a chance for Londoners to find out more about how the Met uses ANPR to fight crime. The Met has put a lot into ANPR over the last two years and the progress we have made is fantastic, but without TfL camera data our ability to combat crime all over London will be severely reduced. We think that the results speak for themselves, more arrests, more seizures of uninsured vehicles and more cases solved with ANPR.

“We don’t need and can’t afford two of everything, so we think the Met and TfL should co-operate to get the most out of ANPR cameras the public have already paid for. We also want to listen to concerns people have. We welcome the opportunity to be more transparent and to explain just how tightly we manage our access to and use of this data. We hope this will give people the confidence and reassurance they need.”

The Met welcomes the opportunity to show Londoners how we have been using ANPR data from the TfL cameras in crime investigations over the past year and how we propose to use the data going forward.

During a visit to Bromley today to see some of TfL’s ANPR cameras in action the Mayor said: “I want London to be the safest big city in the world and, to help us continue to drive down crime, we need to use technology in a smart way. Opening up access to TfL’s extensive network of cameras will enable the Met to track down more criminals and crack down on more crimes.”

For more information about ANPR and how the MPS use it visit: http://content.met.police.uk/Site/anpr

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  1. sonoo malkani

    In the present economic regime duplication of any crime fighting measures needs to be reduced as far as possible.ANPR use often brings a number of excellent results in fighting crime.Should these additional shots /data from other cameras used extensively around London for traffic reasons be used in this fight against crime, the public will need firm assurances that that there is no way will this personal information be used inappropriately or for purposes other than the one intended—namely to catch criminals and /or to catch those violating Road Traffic Safety Laws.This shared intelligence is an excellent idea and will enhance the use of ANPR substantially.

    Monitored strictly it can be an extremely powerful weapon added to the armoury used for crime-fighting in London by the Metropolitan Police Service .London would definitely benefit enormously and become a really safe city to live and work in.Tourists the world over would also feel good knowing how safe it is to come to London and have a wonderful time.

    DS Neil Winterbourne of the ANPR(AUTOMATIC NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION) BUREAU has stated the Met Police will be letting the public study results from joint working with TFL cameras over the next two months and will educate the public about its benefits to Londoners.I hope many will avail themselves of this opportunity and see how it will make Londoners safer and make criminals travelling through London fearful.Showing people exactly how this resource can be used in its enhanced form —by joining hands with TFL—is an excellent move.people want value for money and this definitely seems one not to be missed.

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