Feb 01 2014

Met Police Publish “Little Book of Big Scams”

police_lantern_2-150x150The Metropolitan Police have launched the 2nd Edition of their ‘Little Book of Big Scams’ which is designed to help Londoners become more aware of the many scams that are taking place, every day around then. read this, and hopefully, you won’t end up a victim of fraud or theft.

In one example from page 11 on Mass Market Fraud Scam Mail, the book says:

You cannot win money or a prize in a lottery if you have not entered it. You cannot be chosen at random if you don not have an entry.

All good, sensible advice. The booklet is only some 40 pages long, and is written in a clear and concise straightforward way. It could easily be a worthwhile investment of 15 minutes reading time.

book_of_scamsYou can download the booklet here.


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