Oct 20 2012

Met Police Tattoo Ban Sparks Bun Fight

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Bernard Hogan-Howe, seems to have unwittingly sparked a bun fight in Harrow over a recent change of policy banning police officers from having visible tattoos. Normally, this wouldn’t be something we’d cover, not being of much interest to Harrow residents, but no sooner had the article been published by the Harrow Times, then Sonoo Malkani, the ex-chair of the Harrow Police and Community Consultative Group (see the link?) pictured here, jumped in with almost 500 words of opinionated drivel, which went on to create tenuous links between tattoos and being highly trained.

Yes, within four hours, she’d constructed that lengthy, if not tedious, reply, which we find odd given that she was completely unable to write a word in response to a number of requests from iharrow,com when we asked about her group’s expenditure on yoga classes, expensive orange juice and theatre trips earlier on this year.

The following day, she leaps to attack further comments on the Times’ article, where someone says, “Thugs in uniform remain thugs irrespective of how you dress them up” wielding a further 850 words of prose. Clearly, there are bad apples in every walk of life, and the police are no exception, with offences ranging from fraud, child porn, arson, assault, theft, drug dealing – the list goes on – but this is probably no different from any other group of a similar size you’d care to name.

What does cause concern though is whether the ‘fawning comments’ are the voice of the HPCCG or the voice of Mrs Malkani personally – perhaps she’d be able to indicate that in future missives. Harrow residents might like to ask her to clarify her position on public commenting at the next HPCCG meeting.

You can read the article and it’s comments at the Harrow Times’ site here; if they remove any comments or take the article down, we have a transcript here (PDF, six pages), sourced from the same website.

Source(s): Harrow Times


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