Aug 21 2014

Met Warn of Catalytic Converter Thefts in Harrow

police_bmw_150x150Harrow Police are warning about an increase in catalytic converter thefts across the borough, mainly affecting VW Sharans. The catalytic converters control emissions from the vehicle’s exhaust, and, according to the AA, “Taller vehicles (4x4s) are particularly vulnerable as the converters are more accessible. Because they tend to have larger engines, they contain more of the precious metals too.”

The police recommend parking your vehicle in a garage, or having the fittings welded on, as opposed to bolt on, to reduce the chance of theft, although the AA note “Thieves simply cut the catalytic converter from the exhaust pipe of a parked car and sell them on to scrap metal dealers.”

The AA have a page of further information here.

But, back to the police: they suggest CCTV, enhanced lighting, or etching your cat with a number. There are also third party alarm systems available, they say.

Finally, if you see anyone acting suspiciously, such as working under a car, they ask you call 999 to report it at once.

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