Jan 24 2013

MOPAC – Policing in Harrow Presentation

police_taserSome residents may have seen the whistle-stop tour of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime in the borough recently. Blink, and you’d have missed it. However, for those who couldn’t make the one hour presentation session at the Civic Centre, we’ve now been given the slides that were used.

If you want to respond to this ‘consultation’, you have until March 6th 2013 to do so. You can download the entire presentation in PDF format here, for full detais.

MOPACs mission would seem to be running under three strands: being the greatest and safest city on earth; having the ‘most loved’ force in the UK; joining up public services and communities to tackle crime:


It continues with a number of challenges to the MPS: cut seven priority crimes by 20%, boost public confidence by 20% and reduce spend by 20%. It also says that it should reduce court delays by 20%, increase compliance with community sentences by 20% and cut youth re-offending by, that’s right, 20%.



It goes on to say that despite £500,000,000 Met-wide cuts, we should see more officers in Harrow. In fact, we should see 50 more officers in Harrow by 2015, compared to October 2011. We’re not sure why they are using data more than a year old for this, but suspect that there’s some PR spin in there somewhere. We should also see 46 more SNT officers, presumably over the same timeframe (although it doesn’t mention by when).

Particularly interesting is the lack of differentiation between PCs and PCSOs. Both have their uses, in the right place, but whether the extra number will be PCSOs or PCs is far from clear.




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