Nov 30 2014

@MPSHarrow Police’s Weekly Blog – November 28, 2014

simon_ovens_new_150x150On Friday the 28th of November we unveiled our Christmas tree outside South Harrow Police Station as part of the Commissioners Christmas Tree Campaign.

The tree is there for anyone wanting to donate a gift to children in care within our Borough.

I welcome everyone to help support this campaign to ensure that cared for children in Harrow are given a present this Christmas. Presents are welcomed for children aged 3 and above.

Your Police, Your Say – MOPAC Roadshow – 3rd December 2014

The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) and the Metropolitan Police Service are visiting Harrow to talk about the progress made against the Police and Crime Plan and hear local peoples’ views on policing in the capital. Stephen Greenhalgh, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Assistant Commissioner Helen King and I will be at Harrow Civic Centre on Station Road. Doors open at 6pm, Event starts at 6.30pm.

Progress has been made over the last year with crime in London now falling faster than the rest of the country – down by 6% in 2013/14. However, challenges remain and it is right to not only showcase local success stories but to continue the conversation with Londoners where further changes need to be made.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse affects people from all walks of life and in many different ways. We know that domestic abuse can affect men and women, as well as those in same sex relationships. If you are suffering from physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial abuse or are being threatened or intimidated in your home or elsewhere by a current or previous partner or adult family member you are a victim of domestic abuse. You are not alone, we can help. You may additionally wish to seek support or advice from our partners who specialise in domestic abuse.

What can we do to help?

Within the Metropolitan Police domestic abuse is investigated by specially trained officers in Community Safety Units. These officers are committed to preventing and bringing to justice perpetrators of domestic abuse which affects one in four women. We will deal with you without prejudice and in confidence. We take domestic violence very seriously and will deal positively and promptly with any incident we attend. We aim to contact you within 24 hours of receiving your report and we can help define what the best course of action is for you.

Our first priority is to protect you and any children you have. If the situation is an emergency an officer will attend and if possible arrest the perpetrator and take action to protect you from further abuse. Alternatively you can attend any police station in person, ask a friend or relative to do so, on your behalf or call the non-emergency number which is 101. If you require an interpreter one will be made available initially by phone and later in person.

In many cases victims of domestic abuse may require temporary or longer-term housing alternatives, it may be that you require an injunction to prevent the perpetrator approaching you or perhaps need counselling or support. We work alongside highly trained non-police advisors who can assist with aftercare for you and your family. Additionally if you need to attend court for any reason there are support services available so that you do not feel overwhelmed or alienated by the legal process.

Remember in an emergency dial 999.

Good work by my officers…….

On Wednesday 26th November officers from the Crime Squad arrested a 19-year-old man from Harrow, for possession of crack cocaine with a street value of approx £3500. All the drugs were wrapped in bags ready to be supplied. He was remanded in custody to attend Hendon Magistrates’ Court. Excellent work by my officers ensuring a drug dealer is taken off our streets.

Source: Metropolitan Police Harrow

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  1. sonoo malkani

    What a peach of a blog!Filled to the brim with nuggets of interesting facets of police works.Fantastic result from our Crime Squad– nabbing the young man just in the nick of time.So young yet dealing drugs!Very sad indeed.

    Also a timely appeal to donate a gift to CHILDREN IN CARE in our borough,aged 3 and above— making Christmas a thrilling one for them.Please do your best to help support the COMMISSIONER’S CHRISTMAS TREE CAMPAIGN and help make a young one feel TRULY SPECIAL.

    Commissioner Hogan-Howe has come up with this excellent initiative.for all Londoners to participate in.Let’s ensure Harrow’s contribution a generous one,helping put smiles on many,many young faces so they really have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    Remember,”IT IS MORE BLESSED TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE.”Here’s your chance to play SANTA and light up Christmas for these blessed children.

    Details as to how we may contribute are given above..Maybe,some firms/businesses will step in and donate a cartload of appropriate gifts.Just give what you can and feel the joy surge through your hearts.COME ON,HARROW!!

    I hope the Metropolitan Police makes a video of Christmas presents being distributed by the Commissioner himself and give us the pleasure of seeing how rewarding this experience has been.I can already envisage how much Londoners will love it and how close we all will feel just carrying out this single act of love.

    A huge “THANK YOU” to the MET for giving us this unique opportunity.WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY & PEACE-FILLED CHRISTMAS..

    Also we have the inspirational and delightful CHRISTMAS CAROLS courtesy of the Borough Commander at St John the Baptist Church in Sheepcote Road,Harrow,on 16 DECEMBER Starts 730pm sharp.One not to be missed!Believe me,it will warm the cockles of your heart.
    Can’t wait to get there!

    It’s most encouraging to learn about the CRIME REDUCTIONS and successes this year.Please let us help our police so this can be kept up and improved wherever necessary.We keenly realise there is always more to be done.Your support is key to bringing “results”.

    You probably know Borough Commander ,Simon Ovens, has recently opened a POLICE CONTACT POINT in Waitrose South Harrow.He certainly has been getting around the borough in an effort to make our policing ever more effective.The festive period is an especially important time for vigilance and crime prevention.There are MET POLICE BOX ES for anonymous information in addition.One is inside Waitrose supermarket.

    Please read details of the three days when members of public can meet their local team inside WAITROSE..Great partnership with the Manager.Hope more supermarkets in other parts of Harrow eg Morrisons and Tesco follow suit.I humbly request our public to share local information in confidence with these cops, to help them crack or prevent crime.They are there specifically to help you with your policing concerns.

    Simon Ovens has touched upon a very important topic—tackling DOMESTIC ABUSE in Harrow.We seem to have somewhat high numbers,perhaps because of better reporting but we also have the HIGHEST NUMBER OF CONVICTIONS IN ANY LONDON BOROUGH.

    Our Police is totally committed to tackling this soul-destroying crime but recognise how crucial it is to engage with the LOCAL COMMUNITY and raise awareness of this devastating crime.It not only affects the victim but also children and family plus friends of victims.The Borough Commander has given details of what help and support is available.YOU NEED NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE.Reach out and GET HELP.

    Deputy Borough Commander,Superintendent,Mark Wolski,with the help of the MOPAC held an excellent Conference to promote Community Engagement and Confidence at the Beacon Centre,S.Harrow,last month.This was mainly aimed at the diverse communities in Harrow along with some practitioners and professionals.The anecdotal evidence given by one victim was truly moving.

    The workshops yielded extremely useful information which is being incorporated in the strategy being adopted by Harrow Police to deal with Domestic Abuse.This could not have come sooner.We ALL have a duty to help bring down this form of crime and live our lives without being bullied by dreadful perpetrators of Domestic Abuse.It is an important part of the
    Mayor of London’s Crime Prevention and Reduction Strategy.Home Secretary Theresa May has also done her bit to assist in this battle against Domestic Abuse.

    Last Monday I attended the Seminar on DOMESTIC & SEXUAL VIOLENCE on WHITE RIBBON DAY,November 24,held at the Civic Centre,Harrow.The turn-out was good and people from various communities and different walks of life attended.Presentations were encouraging and stalls filled with useful information.Superintendent MARK WOLSKI spoke on behalf of Harrow Police and made it very clear that they have this very much on their radar.Bodes well for our victims.Perpetrators beware!

    I am sure we will make headway soon and bring some good results on this score.Let’s turn to an imminent event which should concern us all.You all know now that the HPCCG no longer exists,there is NO PUBLIC FORUM for the people of Harrow to speak up about their policing concerns on a regular basis.

    You will,however,be pleased to know that the MOPAC(Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime) have arranged a ROADSHOW(our last one was held on Monday,28 October 2013)which is open to all Harrovians.Please make sure you turn up in your numbers and bring your concerns and compliments with you.The meeting will be held on DECEMBER 3 at our Civic Centre.

    This is a golden opportunity to quiz the boss himself—-Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime,STEPHEN GREENHALGH,He will be accompanied by Assistant Commissioner HELEN KING,a very approachable and helpful Metropolitan Police officer and of course,our very own Borough Commander,SIMON OVENS.They will update us on our progress made against the Police & Crime Plan thus far.They will also be interested to hear your views on policing our capital city and anything concerning our policing.You can engage in meaningful dialogue.

    Whether it is TERRORISM or any other current topic please bring your questions and also any helpful suggestions which you may have.Bear in mind that you are getting your chance to speak out in public after 13 MONTHS!

    Harrow’s Safer Neighbourhood Board is HELD IN PUBLIC every quarter but is NOT A PUBLIC MEETING.You are NOT allowed to speak.Hence attending this INTER-ACTIVE MEETING is vitally important to HARROW’s Policing health!!

    Please do not fritter away your turn to express what you really feel since you will not have this opportunity again for at least ANOTHER YEAR .Your input is crucial to making policing London even more effective and help cut crime.MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.Help us police London and Harrow more effectively.

    Please remember,doors open at 6pm.The ROADSHOW kicks off at 630pm sharp,at the Harrow Civic Centre,on WEDNESDAY ,December 3.

    Looking forward to seeing many of you and to a very constructive meeting with MOPAC and the Met Police..

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