Jul 10 2016

@MPSHarrow Vlog: Reporting Race/Hate Crime

Harrow Police Borough Commander Simon Ovens has published his second video, this time on the subject of race/hate crime. It’s worth a watch.

Click here if you can’t see the video.

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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    It’s so re-assuring to hear direct from our top cop how we should deal with the thorny problem of racism which has reared its ugly head visibly in so many parts of our country.Harrow has a proud tradition of being the most religiously diverse borough in the nation yet,by working closely with one another,day in and day out we have managed to keep the community harmonious.This has not happened by chance.Takes much time and dedication.

    Harrow Interfaith,for the past 30 years,along with key partners such as our local Police and the Council work at this assiduously throughout the year.Reaching out to ALL our communities has become an integral part of our work INCLUSIVITY is another important aspect of this work.Not only do we respect one another’s faiths but we make special efforts to learn and imbibe the best from each into our daily lives.People of all faiths and none are welcome.

    I have the good fortune to be Vice Chair of HARROW INTERFAITH(HIF)working alongside our Chairman,Jack Lynes and a wonderful team of volunteers who are indispensable.I feel twice blessed to,simultaneously ,be Vice Chair of HARROW SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD BOARD (HSNB) which holds our Borough Commander,Chief Superintendent SIMON OVENS to account for Policing our borough.We work hand in hand on several occasions and it pays rich dividends.

    It has been a source of immense satisfaction to be able to work with a man of Faith—you all know he is a Christian and proudly promotes this—as well as a Police Officer who represents the Metropolitan Police with much aplomb.He has not only bowled over the whole community with his marvellous engagement skills with a multitude of communities,but has also delivered some great policing results,making Harrow top of the safety league among all our 32 London boroughs.There is always room for improvement—something Simon is always keen to admit.We take nothing for granted.Crime prevention is a big item in his calendar especially as the summer holidays approach.

    The video says it all.He has calmed anybody fearing racism in our borough since Harrow seems fine right now.However,he is not in denial and has given practical advice how to deal with it should it occur.

    I am painfully aware of the fall out which might occur from the shocking scenes we have witnessed on the streets of Dallas.We must pray hard for Peace and calm and work together to avoid any such incidents in our country.

    I feel privileged to be able to reach out from Harrow Interfaith and work in tandem with Harrow Police and the Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board.Please follow the advice your Police are giving and prevent becoming a victim of crime.Burglary during these hot months is the one crime we can help to keep down substantially, with your support, as with many other crimes.Help us to help you.Have a lovely summer recess.

    To all of you celebrating,EID MUBAARAK.God bless Harrow and the United Kingdom.

    Sonoo Malkani
    Harrow Interfaith Vice Chair
    Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board Vice Chair
    10 July 2016

  2. mike mcfadden

    Personally, I’ve never come across so much rubbish. I took the time to attend one of these race hate meetings at Harrow civic centre and was totally appalled. Most who attended were not English nor did they have a full understanding of the English language. Yet they wanted to decide what we take as banter or a bit of fun as hate crime’s. They actually wanted to ban the nursery rhyme “ginger your balmy”. Quite commendable you may think but really grown-up wasting time in this manner!!!

    So, I questioned them further about the term “Yid” and Yiddish or the Irish Craic. They were totally dumb founded and could not answer. So, please tell me this, how can a group of grown people expect to be taken seriously.? After all this is England a land known for its humour and fun loving ways. If those people come to live in these islands they “MUST” come to terms with our way of life and freedom of expression and humour are part of our culture. Shame on them and those that support this type of idiocy. You may feel sorry for certain agency’s like the police that feel they are stuck between a rock and a hard place but its time they grew a pair and said enough is enough.

    Time to say good bye to those that expect us to change our lives to accommodate them when the opposite should happen.

    Ave a nice day. Things can only get better.

    Mike McFadden

  3. ricky123

    Totally agree Mike, they say we should respect their culture, its about time they respected ours, if not and they dont like it there is plenty of ways to leave this country.

  4. Sonoo Malkani

    I have to admit being appalled by such hate-filled comments.Ricky,I am sure you would not like it if you went to live in another country and had to hear the kind of comment you have made just because you did not fit into some narrow-minded frame erected with no concern for the feelings of another.

    Barbed words, spoken thoughtlessly,only undermine the efforts of so many who are working terribly hard to ensure we become one big nation,sharing common values.It will happen with the passing of time,with like-minded people contributing generously to it.We cannot force things down people’s throats.Simply doesn’t work.

    Whatever you or others may feel PLEASE let us not be abusive.Instead,I humbly urge you to come forward and try to help improve whatever you envisage can be improved.Merely hurling insults at communities which are not the same as the host community serves no positive purpose and let’s the side down.Colloquial language is not easy for everyone to understand.I am sure I would find it impossible to decipher should I be in a foreign land but definitely would not expect to be derided.

    This sort of “shutting off” will only result in disharmony and a society which is uncomfortable with itself.Surely those who are at an advantage,living in their own country,can make efforts to help the other half adjust so that,over a period of time,they feel secure enough to integrate.It is a generational thing.
    I fully appreciate some communities have taken to the British way of life like ducks to water.However, there is huge range of communities in Harrow which we must take into account and work with.Please let us be mindful of the feelings of others in addition to ours.We ALL matter equally.I have every faith in our host community coming forward to support this important work,as they always have done.

    I assure you our Police and partner agencies are doing their best to be fair and help fight Racism but people like yourselves ,who have other ideas up their sleeve, might wish to engage in meaningful ways to assist in making people from other cultures become more familiar with our “English way of life “and the sense of humour which you may find suits you.
    Of course,one size does not fit all.One man’s meat is another’s poison.I am painfully aware which comment might spark a row and what might help cement friendships and good relations.In which case,I consider it my personal responsibility to make sure I am working for the greater good and not stirring up feelings which cause hurt and hate.If we all adopted a similar stance the differences would feel less difficult and the commonalities more binding.

    Naturally,this is a two-way process.On going dialogue,in a spirit of goodwill ,often yields excellent dividends.Just because someone is not fluent in the English language he/she does not become a “lesser”person.Let us be generous and open-minded and become great ambassadors of our country so that anyone coming here to live or work feels welcome,respected and safe.

    We must be role models worth emulating both in speech and in action–each one a fantastic ambassador for the British community.

    We live in a world changing at a crazy speed which can be so bewildering There is no choice today but to keep up with it or feel rather frustrated and angry.It does not help if we make jokes at another’s expense and then feel offended if they do not appreciate it because it is something we find funny.Just not worth the trouble it can cause.Respect and be respected.Live and let live.

    Surely those “others” have the same rights as the rest of us.This is not just the Law of the land but also what all decent human beings expect.We are an honourable people and must exercise the patience of Job.The time we live in demands it.

    I humbly urge all our citizens to be patient,loving and supportive..Love wins,hate fails.Let us all be winners together and fight any HATE,DISCRIMINATION or RACISM.God bless us all.

    Sonoo Malkani
    Harrow Interfaith Vice Chair
    Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board Vice Chair

    12 July 2016.

  5. mike mcfadden

    Mr Sonoo Malkani,
    If you would only stop trying to turn every one who doesn’t agree with you into a racists or hate preacher towns like Harrow could be a much safer and better place to live. If you’re so clever why has London turned into a white flight area? Why did the police fail so miserably in protecting teenage and underage girls from Asian rapists in Rochdale, Rotherham, Birmingham, Oxford. Need I go on? Why did the police fail so badly in protecting vulnerable children around the likes of Savile, Hall and Co. Could it have been because of sanctimonious people like you who wants to condemn honest folk who will stand up against evil. No matter what language shade or colour they come in?

    To be very honest and brutal Mr Malkani in my view its people like you that have turned many of our cities into over crowded slums because you’ve not allowed governing authorities to deal with issues as they arise but have encouraged Political Correctness to distort and evade the truth. Alienating so many communities within communities to be cut off because of cultural and language misunderstandings. Your type of behaviour has created an environment where Cultural Marxist thrive and destroys communities under the pseudonym of a better tomorrow. Wake-up and realise you could be part of the problem.

    Try dealing with issue not ignoring them. Brexit gives Britain a brand Nu-Start. Don’t be left behind.

    Regards Mike McFadden

    1. Someonewhocares

      – And it is uninformed, unrelated and plainly racist (and potentially sexist) pseudo-intellectual (in fact uneducated) infantile rants like that which cause more trouble than good, too……


      Feel free to reply, at length, as such serious ignorance as yours should, and will, be ignored !

      1. mike mcfadden


        You’re a typical Cultural Marxists when you can’t deal with the truth you throw insults or get your spell checker out. All I can say to you is get out more see what a slum Harrow as become!!! We can all wring our hands and do nothing. However, your slurs and insults only match your stupidity in thinking playing the race card wins every time. Its clearly does not, its beginning to wear awfully thine.

        I dealt with the same sort of issues with you before and it became painfully clear your inability to look past your own racist prejudice and your clear hatred of the white male is grossly offensive to all. You really do need some sort of help.

        The dumbing down of white school kids is evident even to the point they do not see career officers in most if not all schools they get lectured on how to claim benefits and how much housing and child benefits they will get for the first kid etc. Its all part of the Marxist poison put out by the likes of you and yours.

        Ave a nice day and remember things will change back to normal.

        Ps: I don’t need to hide behind a pseudonym I stand by everything I say. Can you do the same?

        Mike McFadden

  6. red mirror

    what a complete load of cobblers hate crime? listen as i see it the people of harrow the white indigenous people that is are the most tolerant patient lot you could imagine these whining do gooder statistic manipulating people should pray that the masses never loose it for real or the definition of hate will take on a new meaning i mean enoch powell style ok WHEN PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LOOSE THEY LOOSE IT remember that and tread carefully /

  7. ricky123

    Mike, you are so right, and Sonoo I did live in another country and I learned the language, and God help me if I didnt obey their rules. Now we have left that awful EU maybe some things will change, but there are to many do gooders here so I want hold my breath. Once we have left you watch other countries leave as well so they can also get their country back. I agree totally with everything you say Mike.

  8. Sonoo Malkani

    Hello Mike McFadden.Let me correct you.I am a lady.I do NOT encourage political correctness.In fact,I believe in calling a spade a spade which is why I have probably offended you by being brutally frank.You have got me back to front.I empathise greatly with the awful frustration our host community feels when they are pushed to the back of the queue,through no fault of their own.This naturally breeds resentment which spills out from time to time.We have to mange these things somehow till we have solutions which are acceptable and also sustainable long term.

    I am NOT a politician and do not seek power and glory.Nor do I suck up to anyone for favours.I spend time doing community work merely to put something back in the kitty which we all draw from freely.I most certainly do not like to encourage crowded slums and whatever else you are subscribing to me.I am too small an individual to be able to effect anything so complex.I hurt like the rest of our community and have the same human feelings as most folk.Please bear with me.

    I have been a humble volunteer since the past forty years,hoping to help my borough in whatever way is possible.I do not profess to be clever nor do I have all the answers.Frankly,NOBODY does.

    We all are caught in the predicament which has caused tempers to fray,quite understandably.The whole situation has gotten very much bigger ,rather rapidly over the last five or six years resulting in what we see and hear today.Honest folk must speak their minds always but there is no need for NASTINESS is there?Name calling will solve nothing but will definitely make life intolerable for everybody.The temperature needs to cool down for us to deal effectively and sensibly.

    Even though BREXIT has won and our new PM nailed her colours to the mast,we are legally obliged to wait for a certain length of time for changes to kick in.That will still take time.We do not have a magic wand to make it happen tomorrow otherwise we’d want this to have happened like yesterday.PATIENCE is all we can exercise.

    I have no idea what “Cultural Marxists” are.You seem very aufait with politics unlike simple old me.I do however,have a conscience which is very much alive and kicking and cannot sit back and watch abuse of any sort.It could be some one doing it in reverse to the host community.That too is equally intolerable.

    I am a senior citizen who has spent at least two decades looking into Hate Crime Terrorism,Stop & Search and a number of issues which afflict our communities with a view to doing what is in the best interests for ALL of us.I urge you to please bear with me and those of us who are trying to help redress the balance—albeit with a great deal of sensitivity.What is the alternative?

    I have given years of my life working as Vice Chair both on the Race Hate Crime Forum of Harrow, the Racial Harassment Sub-committee,Chairing the Harrow Health and Race Forum the Multi Agency Forum and many more allied groups.I have seen how our Jewish community were regularly targeted at one time.They are still singled out.Of late Islamaphobia also has increased.So much is happening which makes one terribly sad and ashamed as fellow humans.Much more needs doing.

    By the Grace of God,I am more than wide awake and am painfully aware of those who are actually a big part of the problem.INTOLERANCE DOES NOT HELP and is an integral part of the problem.It is like adding fuel to the fire.I understand where you are coming from, in some measure.

    Now that we have BREXIT,in due course, we will have the opportunity,to skilfully MANAGE our immigration so that we are able to deal more equitably with our own host community who have felt marginalised because huge shortages of housing,school places etc.These have hit us hard.Harrow always had paucity of housing and must get its act together.I have seen more classrooms being built so we can hope to accommodate all our children.Time is of the essence.

    London’s housing issues will take time to resolve as well.I am not Mayor of London nor an Assembly member or your local MP.You need to take this up with those in charge.I am too lowly to effect changes at that level.

    Regarding the failure of the Police to address shocking issues like Rotherham or the other items listed they have had to admit these failures.Look at what happened at Hiilsborough.One can dig deep and find failures and pick holes galore.Personally, I believe it is very important to highlight these issues and make sure that we,the public,make them robustly accountable so they do not repeat these blunders.

    Having said that,we cannot merely throw brickbats at the Police.We must accept there is another side to policing.In all fairness,we all know there is another side to every coin.So many police officers set off daily on their rounds,24/7,putting themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe and secure.Credit where credit is due.They give up their lives in many situations which you and I would never wish to be involved in.

    I am really sorry how incensed you sound and that you seem to be simply having a rant.I have ten years experience of Chairing our Harrow Police and Community Consultative Group and have seen first hand what goes on behind the scenes.That was not a paid job either nor did I expect any reward,in case you think I have a hidden agenda.Just feel privileged to serve our community since I have lived here since 1972.

    Nobody is perfect.I firmly re-iterate,Harrow has policing which is SECOND TO NONE.I am not saying,nor is our top cop,Simon Ovens.that we cannot make it even better.We strive to do this at all times but YOUR support is key to our success.Cut us some slack please!

    It’s not just about allocation of funds or the numbers of officers patrolling our streets but about teaming up with our cops to give the criminals a run for their money.PLEASE ,PLEASE try and understand how strapped we are by circumstances beyond our control and give us the space to try and solve these matters in a spirit of friendship and good will which we will all benefit from.This is not a Marxist speaking,just a senior citizen who loves her borough and its people,warts and all.

    1. mike mcfadden

      Sonoo Malkani,

      Let me apologise for mistaking your gender but your name is not familiar to me nor from these islands, so it may be best to address yourself with the title Mr or Mrs to save any confusion.

      However, I was not offended by your remarks because I am fully aware you take every opportunity to play the race card whenever you can.
      In so doing I’m aware you seem oblivious to the harm and racial unrest you cause.

      I’ve been to see for myself what goes on at some of Harrow’s race hate meeting and was shocked by those that attend and the prejudices they hold against the country and those that offered them sanctuary in many cases. White fight should prove this!!

      However, turning to the police in Harrow it truly saddens me that the police have become so political they don’t seem able to see the wood for the tree’s nor function effectively any more!!

      I went to one of these safer Harrow crime meeting and all I saw was hard working coppers looking over their shoulder trying to see they don’t offend anyone any black or Asian. I didn’t see the same when it came to fitting up white people to balance their books* Perhaps I should also remind you being offended does “NOT” make you right!!!

      What became so apparent to me at the meeting was the police officer bowing his head and apologising to the panel that they had arrested more black and Asians then any other!!! “Ello, ello ello, what do we ave here then”.
      If you are unaware our police are supposed to carry out their duties without fear or favour. Not arresting certain categories because it may offend some others is the road to anarchy. As Germany. France and Sweden will find out.*

      As for Mike Ovens with his head is stuck in his computer games trying to get the lowest crime area. Well I suggest he speaks to insurance companies they don’t seem to agree with his assessment of Harrow!! He should be reminded you can get any answer you want from a computer if your input is bias.

      Further, he should note George Orwell’s book 1984 was a novel not an instruction manual!!! The though police being his predictive policing and the locking up of innocent people for 15hrs or more to teach them a lesson is not part of the “English” justice system.

      Now returning to Mrs Malkani I respectfully suggest you take a long hard look at yourself and the playing of the race card at every opportunity and stop because you are doing far more harm then good.

      Regards Mike McFadden

  9. Sonoo Malkani

    I never play the Race card as you allege Mike.Feel so sorry you have to try and hide behind that.The Borough Commander is SIMON Ovens nor MIKE Ovens.I assure you he has far too much on his plate to be burying his head into computer games and make such non-sensical noises about how he conducts his works or slagging off our police officers in the shameful manner you do.What a shame you are hell bent on putting everybody who does not agree with you down!I guess there’s no pleasing some.!

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