Sep 24 2012

New Pickpocket Strategy Seen in Brent

A new type of pickpocket offence has appeared in Brent. This offence has been prevalent in other areas of London but appeared twice last week in Brent, once in Kingsbury and once in Wembley Central. A team of suspects, both males and females of varying ethnicities and ages, usually operate along a commercial high street. They select a bank and maintain surveillance of members of public entering and leaving the venue.

They target typically an elderly victim, seen or heard to be withdrawing over £1000 in cash. They follow the victim out and spill or squirt ink / powder / liquid onto the victim from behind after the target has left the bank. Other members of the team will approach the victim inform him/her that there is some sort of liquid on their back and insist on helping them clean it off. Using this distraction technique they steal the cash often without the victim being aware.

Detective Superintendent Simon Rose from Brent Police said “Enquiries and trawling of CCTV are ongoing to try to identify the suspects for the two Brent offences and we are in contact with other Boroughs where this has happened but prevention is better then cure. Please be aware and if taking out large sums of money do not keep it in the pockets of outer clothing”.

Source: Metropolitan Police

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