Oct 27 2013

Operation Secure Streets is due to be launched in November

simon_ovensOur operation Secure Streets is due to be launched in November 2013. Secure Streets is Harrow’s own project, led by acting Police Sergeant Simon Fretwell. It is designed to ensure we are on track in becoming the safest borough in London and will make us stand out from other boroughs across London. Secure Streets will be an ongoing partnership project that intends to tackle local community problems at a local level.

We have gained the support for this operation from the Leader of Harrow Council, Susan Hall and the commander of Harrow’s Fire Brigade, Richard Claydon. We have all made a commitment to the public of Harrow to attend pre determined streets monthly, to tackle problems head on.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”…we are on track in becoming the safest borough…”[/pullquote]

For example, Harrow Police will provide residents with crime prevention advice, property marking solution (Smartwater) for valuables, handbag alarms, property marking pens and extra security measures for the home. We will also look into securing a neighbourhood champion for the street. Along side us the council will clear away your rubbish, cut back overgrown trees, clear graffiti and ensure that the area is left clean. The Fire Brigade will install your home with a fire alarm and provide fire prevention advice. All this will be done in partnership, together and be free of charge for the residents of Harrow. This is just a snap shot of what we intend to do.

This is an exciting and new way of engaging with the residents of Harrow and I am sure this will be well received. Not only will it build new relations with the public we serve but intends to increase public confidence, reduce crime, make areas safer and of course contribute highly to ensuring that we are the safest borough in London. I will keep you updated with regards to the launch date and the streets we will be targeting first.

Vehicle buying and selling advice

Although the buying or selling of a vehicle is usually straightforward, both buyers and sellers can leave themselves open to becoming the victim of crime. Do not let the excitement of buying or selling a vehicle compromise your safety or that of your money. This is one of the most expensive transactions most people ever undertake.

The Internet is now the primary way to find a vehicle that is for sale – an estimated one million adverts are ‘on line’ every day. A small, but significant, number of these adverts will have been placed by criminals.

  • Don’t be the innocent purchaser of a stolen car
  • Don’t be the victim of a Virtual Vehicle Fraud

Sellers often exaggerate or make knowingly false claims as to the condition of their car in order to sell it, and buyers may pay with counterfeit cheques or money. Never use Money Transfer and be aware of the safest ways of using bank transfers.

How to protect yourself

An advert on a web site is just that – a means of putting a buyer and seller in touch.

  • The V5c Vehicle Registration Document shows the ‘registered keeper’ on the vehicle who may not be the lawful owner of the vehicle. This may be another person or a finance company.
  • Vehicle history checks very frequently reveal adverse information about the given vehicle.
  • Vehicle identities are often changed (known as ‘Cloned or Ringed Vehicles’) in order to sell a stolen vehicle.
  • Vehicle History checks may not reveal that a stolen vehicle has been cloned.
  • Innocent purchasers of stolen vehicles may have the car taken from them, lose the money they paid and also be arrested as part of Police enquiries.

If in doubt, ask the AA, RAC or another reputable organisation to inspect the car before agreeing to buy. You can check the car’s history and second-hand status by calling Equifax HPI on 01722 422 422.

If you have any information on any crime you can call CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Good work by my officers…

On Thursday 10 October, Mr Kristian Palnoni and Mr Maher AL-Sharrief were both sentenced at Harrow Crown Court for Possession with intent to supply a controlled drug, namely heroin, crack cocaine and cocaine hydrochloride. This result was from Harrow officers conducting a drugs warrant at an address in Wealdstone.

Palnoni had pleaded guilty to all charges back in August this year and Al-Sharreif was found guilty last week after a five day trial at Harrow Crown Court.

Both had been on remand since May this year when they were initially arrested and charged for these offences. Palnoni was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. Al-Sharreif was sentenced to five years in prison and all the cash found on him was ordered to be forfeited by Judge Anderson.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    The launch which will take place on November 19 promises to bring rich dividends and is a welcome move by Harrow Police.It is good to see the Partnership working with the local Fire Department and Harrow Council revving up in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police along with other partners.Definitely going in the right direction and should make the borough safer as we hit the Festive Season.Great to hear about the successful prosecutions of criminals in the area and hope they will wake up to find Harrow “too hot to handle”.

  2. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    This is good news for Harrow residents. From a policing standpoint this shows the wholly disproportionate burden of bureaucratic junk attaching to vehicles such as the wholly pointless tax disc. An MoT disc and annual reminder is far more useful. The tax disc is no more than an ownership tax on top of extortionate fuel duties. Perhaps the police should be lobbying for simplified vehicle laws which would reduce pointless bureaucracy and workload. .

    Meanwhile I find it fascinating that while Labour was “running” Harrow there wss none of this, just endless bitching and carping about the “cuts” and how there was no money (iPads for Councillors excepted)

    Although not my Party, Cllr Susan Hall and her Deputy show what can be done without the constant bleating about the “cuts”. Streets being swept, Neighbourhood champions revived, parks cut.

    Remember folks, when I was on Council we cut Council tax, fixed roads and put in efficient refuse collections, replaced the refuse fleet and all during a LABOUR government who starved Harrow of cash.

    So what the bloody hell were Labour playing at? One could be forgiven for thinking that the running down of the borough wasn’t blubdering incompetence but DELIBERATE to make redidents unhappy, giving the illusion of “cuts” by the coalition government to get oeople to vote Labour… Surely they wouldn’t be that cynical, would they???

    Years of dirty tricks throw up a name behind every whinge and opportunistic whine, and convinces me they would, two words behind every cynical political manipulation and scare… Navin Shah, the nan who split Labour and as Leader of the Council nearly bankrupted the Borough, all of this in the public domain.

    If Ed Miliband or his mate Ken Livingstone cut his budget it would be spun as a heroic necessity. The coalition gave Harrow extra funding and he bitches about “cuts”. Shameless scaremongering and opportunism that drove a wedge into the heart of Harrow Labour where good Councillors who could stand it no longer were painted as “traitors” .

    No doubt we will be told that the Independent Labour Group are ” traitors”, but for loyal and good people like Nizam Ismail, Asad Omar, Mano Dhamarajah and Zarina Khalid to ditch Labour, something truly unsavoury must have happened, such as the attempt to deny Cllr Nana Asante her well deserved Mayoralty.

    Vote Labour in Harrow at your extreme peril. If they shaft their own so readily for naked ambition, what chance for residents?

  3. j p hobbs

    Yes Jeremy but when i met you outside Rayners Park Station you said you would hold a protest against Harrows STEALTH CAMERAS you sounded so sincere you even gave me a date , i spoke to many of the shopkeepers who were so happy about this and then you cancelled and said you were not well , OK but that was way back in the summer and i have asked you twice about this and still nothing , Harrow elderly and infirm are still being ripped off , ok Cllr Hall has said she is looking into it , i hope i get a result before i die . HHHUMMM

  4. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    John, as well as working full time, I am currently running for the Harrow on the Hill by-election. Interestingly it has galvanized some of our Harrow UKIP members to be more active and to stand as Council candidates next year. Once the election is over, we will be having some proper action days, the CCTV scam is on the agenda as well as the decline of our high streets and shopping centres.

  5. j p hobbs

    Next year , so that will be another 1700 PCNs to be forked out for by Harrow residents at between £60 / £110 pounds .another nice one for the fat cats .

  6. j p hobbs

    That’s just from one of the many cameras .

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