Nov 15 2014

Person hit by Chiltern Train at Northolt Park, South Harrow

police_jacketAt about 12.30 this afternoon, reports started to appear of a person hit by a train on the west-bound track on the Chiltern Railways line at Northolt Park.

Chiltern Railway said: “Due to a person hit by a train at Northolt, there are currently severe delays between London Marylebone and High Wycombe. There is no current estimate as yet of how long the disruption will last but it is likely to continue until at least 16:00. Customers, including those travelling to Wembley Stadium, are advised to use alternative routes. Ticket acceptance is valid on CrossCountry, First Great Western, Virgin Trains and London Underground.”

Roads around the Petts Hill bridge, where Alexanda Avenue, Northolt Road and Petts Hill have been closed for the air ambulance to land, and there are other closures around Northolt Park station.


Traffic should get back to normal in the area shortly, however, the A412 is tailed back as far as Northolt tube station heading towards Harrow; other roads in the area are jammed with cars trying to avoid the closure.

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  1. Mark

    Do some research please, the air ambulance was there for a seperate accident involving a bus on the road. The person hit by a train was a seperate incident and sadly died. I was on the train that was involved.

  2. Georgina Fletcher

    I am sorry mark. That was my sister. She was a very troubled soul and I hope this has not affected you in any way. R.I.P LOUISE.

    1. Mark

      I’m sorry for your loss Georgina, please don’t take my comment on here as a reflection of any negative feelings towards your sister, it was merely to do with the website publishing such wrong information on such a sensitive topic. I hope she’s found peace now

  3. Ewa

    Why it is so difficult to get such information. We can search all traffic incidents news live but only in terms how it affects the traffic. Is it more important than road safety and peoples lives? All accidents should be published by the police to open peoples eyes. There were so many accidents in last days and so many drivers still don’t switch on their lights, so many pedestrians cross the road in danger places or run into zebra crossing without looking at the road. It’s dark and rainy outside. Shouldn’t we all be more careful?
    After every road accident there should be posters at the site or even counters: ‘5 people died on here already’.
    Why police don’t want to prevent future deaths?

    Recently there was an accident near Greenford Station due to pedestrian crossing in inappropriate place. There are accidents all the time and still there are no signs, no posters telling people how dangerous is running into the street there. Unfortunately not everyone is capable of thinking and anticipating results of their moves. Such people need to be educated by examples that sadly happened.

  4. Rosalyn

    Georgina I am very sorry for your loss, poor Louise may she now be in peace

    1. Georgina Fletcher

      Thank you very much.

    2. Georgina Fletcher

      Rosalyn I am sure she is now very much at peace with her late partner who died 4 yrs ago. She has struggled ever since.

      1. Rosalyn

        Georgina, I hope that you knowing she is now at peace in some small way makes your loss easier to cope with.

  5. Angelina

    Georgina my sincere condolences to you.

    1. Georgina Fletcher

      Thank you very much angelina

  6. Jane

    Georgina my thoughts are with you and your family. Such a tragic loss.

  7. Steven

    I’m sorry for your loss thoughts are with you and your family. I was on the next train after it such a tragic loss

  8. j p hobbs

    Rest In Peace Louise ,
    love to all the family and friends

  9. Jackie Lowe

    Hi Georgina. I was also on the train that day and found it difficult not to have any information about the person who died. I really am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine what your sister was going through. I lost my brother many years ago, in very different circumstances, but I do understand the pain for those left behind. I will think of you and hope you also find a way to deal with your loss.

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