May 22 2012

Police Crime Prevention Advice – Sheducate

With all this unexpected rain during May and the hope of the warmer summer weather approaching, you will start to spend more time in your garden or allotment and it is important to remember how to protect your property from opportunist thieves

How many of us consider crime when we look at our gardens? To the thief anything can be stolen, whether opportunist or carefully planned. Think how much you have spent on plants, garden equipment, tools and furniture for your garden. Could a thief have their eye on your new lawn mower?

Your garden is your first line of defence against crime. While you are out in your garden, it is well worth checking that your fences are secure and getting any repairs done as soon as possible to ensure there is no easy access for potential thieves. Make sure shrubs and plants are cut back so there isn’t a screen for anyone to work behind.

If you have an allotment, try not to leave expensive equipment on-site, and get to know your neighbours, both at the allotment and at home. When people know you, they are more likely to be suspicious if they see someone they do not know.

Make sure your shed, whether it’s in your garden or allotment, is up to the job. Shed doors and door frames can be easily reinforced, especially around the lock.

Remember a thief can get tools from your shed to use on your home, a screwdrivers is very handy to the burglar. Ladders or spades left outside could also be used by the thief to assist them to break into your home.

Contact your Crime Prevention Officer on telephone number, for a free home and garden ‘sheducate’ security booklet on 020 8246 1779.

Source: Metropolitan Police


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