Oct 28 2014

Police Message: Distraction Burglary in Harrow

police_bmw_150x150DISTRACTION BURGLARY

Two burglaries have occurred in the Harrow area within the last 24 hours where suspects posed as officials from the water board and the council respectively. One happened in the North Harrow area and one in the Greenhill area.

The suspects have not shown ID and convinced the residents that they are checking for leaky water pipes. The thieves have managed to gain entry and talked to the resident whilst an accomplice has stolen property.

You are not obliged to let anyone into your home. If in doubt call the police. If you have elderly or vulnerable relatives or neighbours, please advise them and keep an eye out for them.

Suspects are described as male, white, approximately 6 feet tall, brown hair, wearing a blue T-shirt and blue trousers. One suspect was carrying a notebook as if to make him look authentic.

If they show you ID it maybe fake. Ring the company they are proposing to be from to check. Do not take the phone number of their company from them instead look it up yourself. If you are unsure or get the feeling they are bogus please call 999.

Please pass to other residents.


Harrow Police

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