Jul 11 2012

Pre-empt Mothers Against Gangs – July 16, 2012

A special conference is taking place on Monday 16 July in the Old Harrovian Room, Harrow School, between 10 am and 2 pm, to launch a new support group which has been set up by mothers from Harrow to tackle the pressures from gang culture facing young people and their families.

The event, the first of its kind in Harrow, is supported by Harrow Police and Harrow Council and will see professionals from partner agencies including education, health, housing, Children’s Services and voluntary organisations come together to inform parents of the services and support groups available should they have concerns regarding young people, crime and gangs.

There are many ways of supporting young people involved or at risk of becoming involved in criminality or gang activity. Often they do not realise the seriousness of what they have got into, until it’s too late.  One of the aims of the conference entitled ” Pre-empt – take action before it’s too late,”  is to communicate with and advise parents and carers of the signs to look out for, how they can help someone they care about and to give practical advice on how a young person can get themselves out of a situation that they are no longer comfortable with.

Parents and carers are often aware that there has been a change of mood or habit within a young person, they have their suspicions that something is “not quite right” but they are unsure of where to go or who to turn to for help or advice. This seminar will address these issues and put people in touch with the right agencies, whilst promoting diversionary activities for young people at risk.

The group, Mothers Against Gangs (MAG) is a self-help group and was formed following meetings with local police to discuss how mothers could use their influence to guide their children away from becoming involved in crime and gangs.  The scheme is being funded through the Prisoner Property Act fund which will be given to Harrow Association of Voluntary Organisations (HASVO) to directly fund the group.

A website has been set up, (see related links) to provide parents, carers and young people with practical help and advice.

“As mothers we want to act now before it’s too late.”

One of the mothers from the group said:

“We read and hear of so many stories in the news of young people being seriously injured or even losing their lives through gang culture. As mothers we want to act now before it too late. Young people often find themselves forced into situations for various reasons and don’t know where to turn. We have set up Mother Against Gangs to offer advice and support to young people and their families to recognise the signs that someone may be under pressure, to listen and understand them and to direct them towards a positive outcome.”

Source: Metropolitan Police

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