Feb 21 2012

Rice Thefts in Harrow

We’ve heard recently that there seems to be a new target for your local robber… Rice. According to information received, there have been a few break-ins – and attempted break-ins – where burglars have been seeking sacks of uncooked rice. On one occasion recently, a reported TEN TONNES of rice – in 50kg sacks – was stolen. That’s 200 sacks of rice.

We’d not heard of this being  a significant problem up until recently – not counting the infamous shot of a rioter stealing a bag of rice from Tesco last year (picture shown here, credit: Daily Mail) – and a quick Google search hasn’t shown any other occurrences in the UK, let alone Harrow.

So, if you’re offered rice – in bulk – at a surprisingly low price, you might want to avoid buying it, and notify the police by dialling 101.

Picture source: Daily Mail


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