Apr 21 2011

Roxeth SNT Newsletter now available

Dropping through letterboxes as we write is the Roxeth Police SNT Newsletter. This leaflet is the Met’s regular update on what’s happening and what’s being done about it by the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams. As a reminder, you can get in touch with Roxeth SNT here:

Tel: 020 8721 3160

Email: roxeth.snt@met.police.uk

Web: www.met.police.uk/teams/harrow/roxeth/

The team is comprised of Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and are dedicated to making your neighbourhood a safer place to live in, work in and visit. Theylisten and talk to you, and find out what affects your daily life and feelings of security. Their priorities are then set by the local community and they work with you and other agencies to find a lasting solution. You can contact them via e-mail or phone. As part of the Policing Pledge they will respond to every message directed to them within 24 hours. However, theyare not a 24-hour response team, so if it is an emergency please call 999.

The team members are:

  • PCSO Naomi Wilder
  • PCSO Kasim Hussain
  • Sgt Mark Davies
  • PCSO Daniel Lyons
  • PC Matthew Hunt
  • PC Emma Kennedy

You’ll also find an update of the local community concerns, and what actions have been taken to work on them. If you haven’t yet received your copy of the newsletter, you can download it here.

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