Jun 24 2013

Safer Harrow Launch – Making Harrow the Safest Borough in London

police_jacketKeeping the people of Harrow safe is our key responsibility and our vision is to make Harrow the safest borough in London over the next three years. We aim to do this by reducing the number of crimes reported to us by almost 3,000, catching more criminals and supporting victims of crime.

Our focus will be on reducing the seven key neighbourhood crimes set by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC): violence with injury, robbery, burglary, theft of motor vehicle, theft from motor vehicle, theft from person and criminal damage.

From 1 April to 16 June this year there have already been 74 fewer victims of residential burglary (a reduction from 350 to 276) which is a 21% fall. Also for the same time period there have been 97 fewer non-residential burglaries a reduction from 204 to 107, which is a fall of 48%. This is currently the largest reduction in London both in terms of percentage and actual figures. There have been 45 fewer robberies reported, a reduction of 30%. Violent crime has held static but we are detecting a third. Motor vehicle crime has also significantly reduced to a 20% fall; with theft from motor vehicle we are now detecting a third.

We will continue this success by monitoring crime trends and gathering information in relation to criminal activity and those committing crimes. We will identify, target and monitor known offenders.

We aim to catch more criminals by carrying out pro-active operations and will arrest those responsible for crimes at the earliest of opportunities using a number of different tactics, including the use of technology such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), CCTV, and forensic opportunities.

We will be using ‘intelligence led’ policing and will encourage members of the community to pass on any information on known criminals or report any criminal activity that is taking place in their areas, as well as focusing our attention and resources on high crime areas. We will act on this information by carrying out uniformed and undercover patrols in those locations, using a partnership approach to reducing crime where appropriate and executing search warrants.

We are committed to Neighbourhood Policing and place great importance on our partnership with the local authority and other agencies in the borough. We will be sharing information on known criminals and those involved in criminal activity to problem solve issues. We will visit pawn brokers and gold buying venues to check on customer records.

We will listen to our communities to get a better understanding of their concerns and local issues which will drive how we police local neighbourhoods. Our Safer Neighbourhoods’ officers will enhance their engagement with their communities, delivering crime prevention messages through ‘Weeks of Action’ and Community Engagement Events to raise awareness of crime trends and crime methods.

All allegations of crime will be thoroughly investigated and all forensic opportunities will be robustly pursued for evidential and intelligence purposes and to secure convictions. We aim to resolve, detect and prevent as many crimes as possible, thus providing the best possible service to victims of crime.

We will publicise wanted offenders, warn of emerging crime trends, distribute crime prevention advice and publicise convictions in focussed media campaigns.

We have two clear messages: We want to reassure the community that we are doing our very best to fight crime in Harrow and, we want criminals to know that, if they are intent on committing crime in Harrow, they will be arrested and face prosecution.

Source: Harrow Police



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