Feb 28 2017

Stabbing in Wealdstone – Police Investigating

A murder investigation has been launched following the death of a man in Wealdstone and detectives are appealing for witnesses and information.

On Monday, 27 February police were called at approximately 18:50hrs to reports of a man stabbed in High Street, Wealdstone – near the junctions with George Gange Way and Gordon Road.

Officers and London Ambulance Service attended the scene and the man – believed aged 34 – was taken to a central London hospital in c critical condition. He was later pronounced dead at around 0230hrs Tuesday, 28 February. Next of kin have been informed.

Detectives from the Homicide and Major Crime Command are investigating.

Whilst officers believe they know who the deceased is, they await formal identification and a post mortem examination will be scheduled in due course.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Lawson, who is leading the investigation, said: “We believe the area at the time of the stabbing, just before 6.50pm in the evening, would have been very busy with people coming from nearby Harrow and Wealdstone station. We are very keen to hear from anyone who was in and around the Wealdstone High Street area that may have seen or heard anything suspicious, especially from anyone who saw people running towards the station.”

Any witnesses, or anyone with any information, are urged to contact the incident room on 020 8358 0200, or contact police by calling 101 or by tweeting @MetCC.

To give information anonymously contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit crimestoppers-uk.org.

There have been no arrests at this stage and enquiries continue.

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  1. Pte Doberman

    Meanwhile, Harrow Council’s much vaunted CCTV, installed to “protect the public” was looking the other way, undoubtedly busy nicking motorists for a range of creative “penalties”.Council Leader Polly Parrot squawked, It’s the cuts, aaaaaaaawwwwwwkkkk! The police stated “This was a tragic incident, and nothing, definitely nowt to do with closing Wealdstone nick or using patrols to hoover up fines via ANPR and give the illusion of activity.

    1. Wealdstone Warrior

      Pte, I have no doubts that Polly Sachin Parrot will blame the government yet again, as this seems to be his common theme these days. He may want to retract the Orwellian statement of “Wealdstone is improving”. What exactly are the Labour councillors x 6, including the Mayor doing for the people of Wealdstone, from the looks of it Sweet Fanny Adams. All the Mayor does is mumble through Council meetings and turns up to local events!

      Yet another person has died today on the streets of Wealdstone and condolences to their family. How many more people are going to die on our streets until something is done? The Council & police are fully aware of the drug dealing, now is the time for tough hard policing on our streets. Anyone who is hanging around too long in the High St needs to be moved on and groups dispersed. Anyone not a resident of Harrow and is committing serious crime needs to be banned from the borough indefinitely. Enough is enough, time to reclaim our High St and clean up the streets!

  2. Pte Doberman

    No doubt, “lessons will be learned”……




    HAROW COUNCIL still insisting putting civic ctr in Wealdstone that will be our TOWN HALL with 1000S visitors and a town with no car park AND WILL HAVE A DUMMY POLICE STN CONVERTED TO FLATS (things can only get worse.)
    Still time to rer- build CIVIC CTR on the ex car parks (keep old ctr going build now and transfer to new buildings in 2 yrts time NO change of address and in ctr harrow with plenty bus routes LETS GO FORWARD NOT 6 STEPS BACKWARD

  4. Sonoo Malkani

    Serious incidents such as this one does make one very dubious about the wisdom of having our Civic Centre relocated to Wealdstone.The area definitely leaves a lot to be desired.Citizens living there must feel very let down and unsafe ,as must visitors,workers and shoppers when they hear the kind of news we have just read.Definitely does not inspire one to even go and shop in the area.Local Councillors had better take some strong action to secure their Ward and make sure citizens are getting a fair deal.

    1. Hilltop Watchman

      What shoppers? And soon far fewer if Polly Parrot gets rid of the last remaining public car park to build the Palace for the Cuncil.

  5. Maya Rani

    Can anyone explain to my why if you make a wrong turn out of the side street where Asda is, you get a parking notice immediately and yet, when someone gets stabbed and killed a spitting distance from this camera, there is an appeal for witnesses??. Beggars belief really. There should be more CCTV surveillance in Wealdstone anyway because of the drug dealing that we all know about and yet, commit a traffic offence and the Council can immediately identify you and fine you! Come on Harrow, please get your priorities right. This is a terrible crime and we should all be concerned at the lack of surveillance in the area,

    1. Wealdstone Warrior

      Not only that, if you dare to drop a fag butt on the street, the council enforcement officers will appear out of know where and issue you with a fine! If you protest they call the police until you surrender your identity and address details.

      Good to see a visible police presence on the streets of Wealdstone this morning, although problems occur when the sun goes down and the Peel Road corner group appear.

      Details of this incident are now being filtered out into MSM and I was sad to read today (news source -The Metro) this was a father of 2 who had left his young daughter in the pound shop to go across the road to withdraw some cash. He was attending a family wedding nearby. This really is awful and it is not know yet if the attacker was known to the victim or this was a mugging gone wrong? Either way 2 children have lost their father and I hope the police find out who did this and they are locked up for a very long time.

  6. Mike N

    Use council CCTV cameras to keep an eye out for trouble and identify the perpetrators of crime……..perish the though…..there’s no money to be made out of that!

  7. Sonoo Malkani

    We have an excellent Communications Room with CCTV cameras capable of being monitored in key places of concern in our borough eg the Town Centre,the Wealdstone Corridor etc.This used to be fully functional and an excellent resource for policing but is no longer functional as the running costs are far too high.In fact,the Communications Centre at Hendon could view it too.Why are we not looking with fresh eyes to resuscitate this brilliant resource?

    To be perfectly honest,considering the way we are beginning to have certain categories of crime take off, it would it not be prudent to have this returned to “operational status”,with the help of trained volunteers under a professional operator.Take the case of the latest stabbing in Wealdstone,surely CCTV footage would have been invaluable.You cannot just say we can’t afford it.I would beg to differ and say,we simply cannot afford to NOT “afford it”.

    Harrow may not be ravaged by stabbings,God forbid,such as some London boroughs.However,is it not the responsibility of the Council to step up and help our smaller Police teams in whatever way they can,to PREVENT and also DETECT crime?Otherwise,the only winners will be budding criminals.

    I am sure I am not alone when I say let’s help our Borough Commander,Simon Ovens,to put away as many criminals as he can securely behind closed doors.Take a look at his excellent video about this —some months back.We need timely actions, not fine words.No excuses but solutions from partners stepping up to the plate to genuinely support our policing.

    The Council is going to put our taxes up by 5%.Surely,we deserve something of great value in return—our SAFETY being number one.Harrow needs more funding,yet we hear that our borough does not actively go after funding pots which ARE available.The Councillors from all parties must get their heads together and work in unison to access these for our people.We are not interested to hear platitudes or party political comments.Just want some action taken cross party in the interests of the PUBLIC who have put their trust in you and elected you.

    Please remember,you will be judged by what actions you have taken as a Local Authority when elections come round in a year’s time.Campaigning alone is not enough unless it is evidence based.Never mind WHO is in charge!This concerns every single person in Harrow.make no mistake.

    As a caring,long term Harrovian,let us all join and do more to keep Harrow safe and welcoming.Yes,we can ALWAYS find ways to do more and produce better results.

    We,the people,want our SAFETY maintained and improved,not compromised in any way,for whatever reasons.No ifs,no buts.

    Don’t let your people or your Police down.Harrow Councillors and leaders,our Police work well with you and deserve your maximum support.

    Look forward to seeing this increase substantially,so we have even better safety records and manage to keep stabbings and such like away from our door.

  8. Maya Rani

    Sonoo I completely agree with you. The increase in our council tax is a bitter pill to swallow. The least we can expect is that our council will invest in our safety first. However, given the greed that drives this council, our money will not be spent wisely.

    1. Jeremy Zeid

      The only “investment” is a nice shiny new CIVIC CENTRE to rub our noses in it, while Wealdstone dies when its last remaining car-park is built over.

  9. ricky123

    Sonoo, are you saying that the Communications Room with CCTV cameras has been closed down?

    1. Wealdstone Warrior

      Not true, they are in operational order by the council, especially the big one by Peel Road.

  10. Sonoo Malkani

    Thanks Maya.I still fervently hope they will take on board this latest tragic murder of this young father of two seriously and make headway to protect the people of Wealdstone.Of course,should the Council ignore pleas from local residents in any Wards which are hard done by when it comes to policing,they could show their displeasure openly through the ballot box next year.I know that seems like a million miles away and may not be the best answer but it seems to be the main way forward at this point in time.Have you or anyone else reading this any other suggestions?Please put on your thinking caps.We need to find sustainable,practical solutions and implement them FAST.

    I appeal to the Chair of the local Safer Neighbourhood Panels in Marlborough and Wealdstone to please consider,with the help of her local Police and Community Champions,rounding up more local groups such as WAC,shop-keepers,Business groups,Residents Associations,local Church,Sri Lankan & Hindu Temples and Mosque leaders,Street Pastors, along with stakeholders of many kinds in Wealdstone and insist on making their business case to their local MP,Bob Blackman,Councillors,including Graham Henson, the Leader of Harrow Council along with the Community Safety lead.MP Gareth Thomas and MP should also engage in this.

    I know this is a big ask of a volunteer but knowing June Skidmore as I do,she will surely push for it.I for one would like to engage on behalf of the Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board so we all contribute as much or as little as we can,depending on individual commitments.The Statutory Sector must stand up and be counted.If I am not mistaken we have a commitment from MOPAC to prevent & reduce VIOLENT CRIMES.This murder surely qualifies.

    ANYBODY who is responsible for the SAFETY of our local communities in Wealdstone should have this joint consultation at the earliest possible to find suitable,SUSTAINABLE long term solutions.

    We must bring the matter to the attention of the MOPAC on an urgent basis and access badly needed additional resources to address ongoing burning issues in Wealdstone.

    1. Pte Doberman

      What a lot of waffle. Still no explanation as to why THREE CCTV cameras seemed once again not to have seen a bloody thing YET AGAIN.

      Rather than call grand meetings and collect all of the local worthies together for a big feel good love in, perhaps the SNB rather than posture and preen should call an immediate meeting with the bloody useless Council Leader and overpaid and overpromoted”portfolio holder” as to why nicking motorists is prioritized aver damned time over crime prevention.

      Am I angry? Damned right I am. I am fed up with pointless posturing as opposed to seeing some action, such as, for example, giving this useless excuse for a Council a hard time for kits utter failure.

      And before you shoot the messenger, I suggest you haul Polly Party Shah over the coals first as he is paid a great deal of money for his non leadership.

  11. Sonoo Malkani

    To the best of my knowledge,Ricky123,I believe this is so.I hope I am wrong and that someone better informed will correct me or confirm what the true state of play is today.

  12. Sonoo Malkani

    Wealdstone Warrior it’s so distressing to read how this poor man has lost his life while withdrawing money from an ATM while attending a family wedding nearby.It’s all very upsetting to hear.What a shock for the whole family!Must have ruined the celebrations.

    The Met Police must have sent a Family Liaison Officer to help them through such a difficult time.It would be useful to have an update from our Borough Commander,Simon Ovens,even at this early stage, to help calm nerves and also spell out how far we are into the investigation.

  13. Terry

    And now they have granted a 24 hour drink sale license in the town – suppose it’s the old adage ‘Money talks’
    That is awful about the murder in the High St, not the first one either. Wasn’t there shot fired at the police last June? Wealdstone is becoming a perfect storm for this sort of behaviour. 24 hour alcohol licensing. Numerous Chicken Shops. Bookmakers. Slot machine establishments. Open drug dealing. Street drinking. Prostitution, Flytipping and, no visible Police presence. CCTV that is only used to fine motorists that visit the town centre (that revenue stream will cease once the car park is demolished) I can see the planned St George’s day event being superseded by a ‘Gun Fight at the OK Coral’ day if it carries on spiralling out of control!!

  14. Sonoo Malkani

    The 24 hour Alcohol Sale license being granted is really hard to believe.It does nobody any favours,least of all the Police.Sincerely hope the area is secured and am sure the St George’s Day celebrations will go forward very peacefully and normally as planned.

    1. Pte Doberman

      It’s not hard to believe at all, we have a Council run by MORONS, not one member capable of doing the job. Perhaps under the Licensing Act, this licence can be challenged. I cannot believe it was approved, especially in an area that even the council and Police say is a “deprived area”. Terry has it 100% correct.

  15. Sonoo Malkani

    Wealdstone Warrior,you have more intelligence about the Communications Room at Harrow Council,than I have.Thanks for sharing that with us.The Council have obviously found it worth re-opening it for “other purposes”—maybe aimed at hitting drivers hard.

    However,if it’s pointed at Peel Road,that may bring a “result.We have heard that certain suspicious groups are gathering in the evenings.Hopefully,we’ll have CCTV pictures of them.

  16. Terry

    Just been to Sainsbury’s and walked through the town centre. Two police cordons set up. One outside Sam Maguires and other from the Holy Trinity Church square down to the Halifax. A number of shops have shut as a mark of respect. Drug dealing still goes on unabated outside Lloyds bank regardless of Police presence. cannot believe their arrogance, I suppose that’s what comes with the confidence that they are untouchable!

  17. Wealdstone Warrior

    Letting that supermarket sell alcohol 24/7 really is a big mistake, obviously the owners have friends in high places. Will be nice to have a St Georges event in the High St, something pleasant for Wealdstone, lets hope the community come together.

    Sonoo, those big cameras have always been working, unfortunately unless the Peel Road corner gang commit an offence then the police cannot do anything, other than stop and search.

    1. Pte Doberman

      Clearly still no CCTV footage. Busy nicking motorists no doubt. Would make a good question for Polly Parrot the Council Leader, or perhaps Cllr Henson. I’d wager that the phrase “The Cuts” will be in there somewhere…

  18. Sonoo Malkani

    Wealdstone Warrior,good to know that the Peel Road camera works.Police have to follow the rules and only arrest AFTER an incident occurs or if a Search reveals anything illegal.

    Meanwhile have seen Borough Commander’s blog.Great news.Our Police already have arrested the perpetrator yesterday.He’s securely locked in a North London Police Station.What a result!Such a relief to know he’s been nabbed so quickly and that Wealdstone is open for business again.

    It turns out the murderer was known to the unfortunate victim.We feel deeply for the young family who has lost a beloved member and is grieving.Simon Ovens has assured us this type of incident is not the norm and that Harrow remains the safest London borough.

    That said,I can only emphasise that our politicians and those in charge of our safety hotfoot to City Hall and lobby hard till we get the required policing resources to help fight crime in some of our more challenging Wards.

    The Met has done us proud.Now it is essential that this scoundrel receives a stiff sentence and that the Courts do not let us down.

    1. ricky123

      “Simon Ovens has assured us this type of incident is not the norm and that Harrow remains the safest London borough”. Untill you get knifed that is.
      Sonoo I would not take a lot of notice of him if I were you.

      1. Pte Doberman

        Ricky123. I was at the HSNB meeting when Simon Ovens effectively condoned FGM saying that he wasn’t going to be pursuing parents who have their daughters cut up, yet tells us how intolerant he is of knife crime. So if it’s for “cultural reasons” it’s quite safe to mutilate your daughters in Harrow.

        1. ricky123

          Like I said Pte, its not worth taking any notice of Ovens. But people like Sonoo are taken in by him. obviously he is happy with people like her so he can keep his high paid job.

  19. Sonoo Malkani

    Complete madness to have granted the 24 hour Alcohol License.We will live to regret this ludicrous decision and pay heavily for ignoring sound police advice.

    1. Jeremy Zeid

      If I had still been on the Licensing Panel, the chances of ANY 24 hour licence being approved would have been ZERO, especially in an area such as the Marlborough/Wealdstone area.

  20. Johnsmith

    Where are the police on the ground.I rarely anyone around.polive are racing drivers all around harrow. The only time I see police when teratorial units leave Edgware which is only an administrator and some community officers walk 200 yardstick high street edgewater to set up weekly road blocks nicking a few.

  21. Paul laurent

    Where are the police on the ground.I rarely anyone around.polive are racing drivers all around harrow. The only time I see police when teratorial units leave Edgware which is only an administrator and some community officers walk 200 yardstick high street edgewater to set up weekly road blocks nicking a few.

  22. Edgewater warrior

    Where are the police on the ground.I rarely anyone around.polive are racing drivers all around harrow. The only time I see police when teratorial units leave Edgware which is only an administrator and some community officers walk 200 yardstick high street edgewater to set up weekly road blocks nicking a few.

    1. Pte Doberman

      Edgewater Warrior. You have it 100% right. And the plods do this in such a way as to bring the Edgware Road to a virtual standstill while parking their vehicles on the pavement. I have video and photos. Much easier going after soft targets than patroling the hotspots.

  23. Someonewhocares

    Having read through these posts, and bearing in mind that a man (and the father of young children) has died can I say I am a little concerned by the ‘tone’ of some of the comments.

    Similarly what exactly does the reduction in Police numbers have to do with the Council?

    Please show some respect for the man and his family

    1. Someonewhocares

      Incidentally I am not quite sure what those three identical posts for 2nd. March means either.

  24. Concerned Harrovian

    You miss the point Someonewhocares. The commenters do have concern for the victim and family especially the eight year old girl who was with her father at the time. They are anxious that a solution to Wealdstone’s problems are to be found so that another person will not be killed in the area.

    I am shocked you confirmed Wealdstone Warrior’s comments that the six councillors in Wealdstone have abdicated their responsibility for the area. We have not seen a sight or sound of them in Wealdstone High Street since the incident. Why aren’t they to be seen on the High Street talking to residents, shoppers and businesses? Wealdstone folk do not appreciate the Pontius Pilot attitude. Why are the councillors not out with a petition asking for police numbers to be increased?Just what are the six councillors doing? What is the point of having elected.Councillors? They should remember we vote them in and we can also vote them out.

    The name “Polly” which commenters have adopted for the Leader of the Council, Sachin Shah, is an indication of how people perceive him. A Council Leader should have some dignity not a persona that attracts ridicule. Which department store does Sachin (Polly Parrot) Shah buy his invisibility cloak from?. It is a good job he squawks “Its the cuts” because as he is invisible we would not know where he was in the Borough.

    The police have put extra officers into the area and they have been seen in the High Street. They are operating with a reduction in manpower which means their resources are stretched.
    The granting of the 24 hour alcohol licence to the MIR supermarket means that their resources will be stretched even further.

  25. Someonewhocares

    No ‘Concerned Harrovian’ I am *absolutely* on the point and *I* am shocked you can not see it (as most can): I will not respond to your specific (but wholly inappropriate and rambling) remarks in this context: The items was an appeal for witnesses, nothing else>

    Again show some respect rather than making it all far too personal.

  26. Sonoo Malkani

    It’s a pity people feel that we, in Harrow ,are not bothered about FGM and other forms of crime.This is ludicrous!However,stabbings could lead to death—so they are treated as priority.I am not taken in by ANY Borough Commander,Commissioner,Mayor, any official or community leader for that matter.NOBODY owns or influences me,thanks.That is why I have not taken positions of power or become a politician.

    Please stop the rot and think how YOU can contribute something of value to our borough’s policing as good citizens and genuine supporters.You are all very capable of doing so.

    1. Jeremy Zeid

      It was absolutely clear at the last HSNB meeting that the Borough Commander intends to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop little brown girls being sliced up, desexualized and turned into unfeeling brood-mares and chattels. He SAID IT, LOUD AND CLEAR to the assembled audience and even told me off for raising it. In his words “your repeated asking of the questuion re FGM”, you witnessed it as did the rest of the Board, yet said nothing.

      Likewise, this weekend, the London Mayor marched with the FAKE “feminists”, the likes of Annie Lennox and other airheads bleating about “rights” and “dignity” yet NOT A SINGLE MENTION or banner about women being confined in black cloth coffins, being desexualized or turned into chattels. Well, we wouldn’t want to be called “racists” or “phobic” would we. Far easier to pretend it isn’t happening and to go after a soft target….

      When HSNB takes a loud, HIGHLY PUBLIC positive stand and criticizes the Borough Commander for not being proactive in stopping this disgusting, primitive practice that has no place in a civilized society and that dooms thousands of girls and women to a lifetime of suffering, THEN, I may cut you and him some slack.

      Until then, the HSNB are nothing more than a talking shop to give the illusion of activity, likewise the Common Purpose infiltrated, politically correct “culturally sensitive” (except for cutting up little girls), cowardly upper echelons of the Metropolitan Police, the GLA and others.

      Over to you Sonoo, time to do what is right rather than shoot the messenger, because I am as far as this goes, bulletproof.

      1. ricky123

        Jeremy, I remember you raising this issue over many years now, please dont stop. As for Ovens telling you off it should be the other way around, he works for you/us, who does he think he is. Please dont take any notice of him. There are a lot of people that think Ovens is the answer, FAR FROM IT. People like Sonoo, who I do not know, but reading all of her posts I feel she is a very caring and very very intelligent lady and only wants to do good for Harrow, but she and many must not take any notice of Ovens. The things he says wether right or wrong does not matter to him as long as he keeps his highly paid job. You cant blame him, I would pretend everything is rosy in Harrow to keep my job to, I am just surprised a lot of people are taken in by him and actually believe what he says.

  27. Sonoo Malkani

    Hi Jeremy
    Your tenacity regarding fighting FGM is one we all recognise and appreciate since my HPPCG days when I was Chair.However,I feel rather sad that you feel we do NOTHING regarding these issues.
    For your information our Prime Minister,Theresa May, is extremely keen that any form of Violence against women be made a priority–this includes Domestic Violence and FGM among a number of things.All sorts of Violent Crime which affect anybody,men included are to be taken and treated seriously.Personally I feel we would make more headway if we(all London Boroughs for starters) joined hands to fight this.We have to get all our Faith groups on board.

    Yes,it is very challenging as there are so many “levels” of this crime—I had a rude shock when I learned more about this.Also,there are many cultural issues and with some folk waving the “racism card” it is a fine line the MPS and MOPAC have to cross to address this shameful and life changing damage to these ill-fated young girls—just like those horrid so called “Honour Killings”.I have always called them DISHONOUR Killings.We are in the UK and OUR Laws should be honoured above any other Law.We need not disrespect other Laws but our own Laws must take precedence over any other.

    The HSNB cannot be dubbed a mere “talking shop”,with all due respect to you Jeremy,just because the flag you are flying fighting FGM is not top of their work sheet.There is just so much we can deliver in the limited time we have or the powers granted to us.We are all waiting to see what the new Policing and Crime Plan for 2017-21 expects from us.

    We can hold the Borough Commander and his officers accountable on matters which the MOPAC have prescribed.Of course,we can flag up other issues not on their list–such as Drugs which most people believe fuel most crimes.other crimes such as the ones you have touched upon are serious issues and are bound to become points of concern in due course.It’s not because this is not an indigenous problem,rather that there are so many other burning issues in policing.I need not tell you what they are!

    Please may I remind you,we are ALL citizens with common concerns fighting on the same side of the fence—never mind if we are Board members or not.All of us are people who love our country and our borough and wish to do what’s in the best interest of both.In that respect,we are all,in your words,”bullet-proof”.

  28. Sonoo Malkani

    There’s no way I would back the granting of the Alcohol licence Jeremy!Incredible and incomprehensible.

    1. Jeremy Zeid

      I never said nor intimated that you did. Next time you meet with MOPAC invite me along as a representative of Wembley Crime Prevention. I won’t give them any wiggle room and will insist on a course of action, not more “discussions”, fact finding, obfuscations or excuses.

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