Mar 01 2017

Stabbing in Wealdstone – Police Message to Residents

Following the stabbing in Wealdstone earlier this week, Harrow Police have now broken their silence and have issued the following vlog on the event, and what they’re doing to keep residents safe.

You can follow Harrow Police on Twitter here: @mpsharrow

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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    What a result!That was quick.Massive relief,especially for locals to know the perpetrator has been taken off our streets and securely locked in a North London Police Station since yesterday.Pity he knew the poor victim who lost his life so tragically.Needs a stiff sentence.

    Our Police have done extremely well making such a quick arrest.Now we look to the Courts to serve justice appropriately and not let us all down.

  2. Pte Doberman

    Well done getting the perpetrator so quickly. A very long sentence is needed, 25 years actually inside, minimum.

    1. ricky123

      Come on Pte, you know that wont happen, what about his human rights etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc, the reason we are in a mess is because we have no bottle in this country, if he is not from UK deport him in the morning, if he is from UK 150 years inside which we know will be halved by the do-gooders, then that would at least be 75 years. No body has got any bottle in this Country to bring back hanging so we will have to put up with this.

  3. Sonoo Malkani

    Chill!We must accept what our Law allows.Of course,the Crown Prosecution Service must prepare a good case to put before the Judge.Then the Courts must not let us down.We cannot expect to hang people or do anything outside the Law of the land.Ricky,hanging is not only inhumane but dodgy because any errors made mean we have killed an innocent person.That’s not on!

    I am very well aware that this Borough Commander supports strict sentencing of violent criminals,since we have worked together along with many colleagues for several years and share similar ideas about matters such as this.

    1. ricky123

      Sonoo, so stabbing people and shooting people to death is Humane is it?
      Your living in the past with DNA now its very probable you will get your man/woman, plus if people actually see someone do it how can you get it wrong. Bring back the death penalty today, it will also halve the prison population. Then your next argument no doubt will be”it does not work in America etc etc” I dont care about any other country, by bringing back the death penalty will get rid of these looser low lives and save money in the process it costs us a fortune to keep this pond life alive. It makes sense, JUST DO IT.

    2. ricky123

      Also Sonoo, I would not take much notice off Ovens if I were you.

  4. Someonewhocares

    Well we don’t know the details of the case yet but yes, absolutely, “Justice should be done” and yes the police have an increasingly-difficult time addressing the underlying factors:

    BBC: “What has happened to police budgets?

    During the five years of the coalition government, the central government contribution to police expenditure was cut by one quarter in real terms. Although this was slightly offset by local increases in council tax, it still resulted in an overall 18% reduction in police budgets in real terms.

    To cope with budget cuts, police forces have started to make a wide variety of changes to the ways in which they work. There is now greater collaboration between forces and greater use of shared services while many forces have reduced costs by closing police stations, reducing procurement costs and re-organising the workforce.

    Most significant of all though are the reductions to the workforce. But how significant has that actually been?

    How has the police workforce changed?

    In the five years from March 2010, police officer numbers declined by close to 12% – a loss of almost 17,000. The decline in the workforce was even greater, with a loss of 15,877 support staff and 4,587 police community support officers (PCSOs). “

  5. Concerned Harrovian

    There is a proposal by the London Mayor to have one Borough Commander for three boroughs Barnet, Brent and Harrow. Harrow needs its OWN Commander not one shared by two other boroughs. There would be a saving of two salaries but disaster in the long term as crime would increase, In the end a short term saving would reap a whirlwind and there would be a cost in the long term as crime increased.

    I hope this policy is not put into practise as it would be a disaster.

  6. Sonoo Malkani

    I shudder to think of what could happen and agree with Concerned Harrovian that we need to have our OWN Borough Commander who knows the place and people well and can produce far more for us than a shared Borough Commander.Trying not to think of it,as it gives me sleepless nights.

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