Apr 18 2014

Susan Says: More Great Work by Harrow Police

susan_hall_leaderWe should be proud and grateful for our splendid Police Officers.

I have just returned from an evening spent with Harrow, Camden and TSG Police Officers. Every one of them professional and courteous and I don’t just mean towards me but towards those they came across including those that were arrested and in some cases body searched. I am sick to death of reading reports that are not favourable towards our Metropolitan Police officers without any balance whatsoever. How many times do we hear of the incredible work our Police Officers do – hardly ever and yet many of us know first hand how fantastic they are and how much we owe them.

Tonight I accompanied these Officers to a Pub raid and a property search. Drugs were found, people arrested and a strong Police presence was felt on the High Street of Wealdstone. The pictures below show the neon sign that is now visible for all to see as they drive through Wealdstone town center. Residents please do be assured that crime is falling, people that are up to no good are being brought to justice and Harrow is getting safer. Thank you to all those Officers that work so hard on behalf of us residents, we are truly grateful.

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  1. Harrow Dude

    Yeah Yeah Susie great work by the Met Police both past and present.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Susan Hall

    Great at last we agree on something Harrow Dude, the Met Police, especially Harrow are fantastic and we wish everyone a happy Easter break

  3. sonoo malkani

    It’s high time we give praise where it’s due and not make sarcastic comments about those who stand in harm;’s way to protect us.Happy Easter to everybody,especially those keeping us safe.
    The photos are quite re-assuring.Please,no silly comments!Enjoy the gifts and consider carefully the unique message of Easter.

  4. j p hobbs

    WOULD BE A WELCOME SIGN . sorry for shouting but none of our Cllrs seem to listen .

  5. nathan

    how splendid your chums in blue are doing such a jolly good job gosh hurah prehaps they would like to look into the sick behavior of certain twisted harrow council employees i am more than happy to pass on info one would feel so much safer knowing that our friendly chaps on the font line are on the case now lets all raise our free beverages gratis of susies expenses account and toast our modern day amazon of righteousness

  6. garth

    you altruism knows no bounds susie

  7. garth

    lets have three cheers for our modern day amazon of righteousness whilst going into sweaty rundown pubs to secure the odd joint might impress you susan i would rather see you and your new found chums in blue look into some very sick and twisted behavior thats going on at harrow council i would be more than willing to pass on intel so come along old girl lets have some authentic policing eh and not this dog and pony show

    1. Harrow Dude

      This sounds like a challenge Susie.
      Does garth know something we don’t know.
      Confirm, clarify or deny Susie?
      You are the Leader Susie so what have you to say as the self proclaimed “Capo dei capi” of the London Borough of Harrow.

  8. garth

    yes harrow dude lets see indeed i wouldnt hold your breath my freind

  9. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    It’s “Capo di tutti capi”. You’re clearly not a linguistic dude…

    1. Harrow Dude

      Big Willy someone with your linguistic skills would know what you have referred to is “boss of all bosses” while what I said is “boss of bosses”

      Admittedly both could apply to Susie’s opinion of herself.

  10. garth

    no cllr stoodley but he has the cajones to stand up for whats right and thats whats so sadly missing in local councils

  11. garth

    i find the slide show very interesting susan what you are doing is in psychological terms is what is known as re framing presenting something negative and hailing it as good what do i mean well the big intrusive signs the high police presents in an almost empty pub normal folk just trying to relax being harassed all justified to keep us safe from this ever present danger lurking round the next corner whats next papers please and road blocks this is all done to soften up the population for the encroaching police state. Susan are you aware of the tactics and politics of saul alinski im sure you are as the conservative party lionize this man use his ideas as a template for instigating social engineering .people please read up on alinski and links to the conservative party and his philosophy not nice .

  12. garth

    susan would you please explain why harrow council has signed up to I C L E I AND AGENDA 21 WITHOUT CONSULTING THE RESIDENTS im sure they would be horrified if they knew what was in store for them please would you clarify these two points.

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