Jan 26 2012

Suspected Burglar Detained by Members of the Public in South Harrow

Some details this evening about a handful of have-a-go heroes in South Harrow who detained a suspected burglar in Corbins Lane earlier this afternoon. There’s no more details other than he was reportedly arrested by Police and taken into custody.

Unfortunately, with the ongoing cuts to police budgets, and the reduction in size – and scope – of our local Safer Neighbourhood Teams, I expect us to hear more of these types of story, as police numbers decrease. There is, of course, always the risk that things could turn nasty and we’ll start seeing sadder headlines in the local press.

Meanwhile, back to today, it’s a job well done to the locals in Corbins Lane. I hope that their suspect didn’t trip off the edge of a kerb and hurt himself or anything. That would have been a shame.

Source: Metropolitan Police @MPSHarrow

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