Apr 20 2012

Tasered Fireman Files Complaint Against Harrow Police

Back in September 2011, we posted about off-duty fireman, Edric Kennedy-Macfoy, being tasered by Harrow police officers after he stopped to help the police with information on an incident of criminal damage. Police used a Taser on him, arrested him and later charged him with obstructing police. But in February he was found not guilty at Brent Magistrates’ Court.

Shamik Dutta, Mr Kennedy-Macfoy’s solicitor, said: “The situation that my client has had to suffer has been horrific, not just in terms of the force that was used upon him during his arrest and subsequently being locked up in a police cell for many hours, but then having to face a prosecution, where if he had been found guilty he could have lost his job and it would have ruined his life.”

Edric Kennedy-Macfoy has now filed a complaint against six Metropolitan Police officers on the grounds of racism following his arrest in Harrow, north London.

“The situation that my client has had to suffer has been horrific”

In a statement, the Met said: “A complaint regarding the conduct of six officers was received on 21 September alleging that officers arrested and detained a 28-year old man without good cause, assaulted him during the arrest, that the officers were insulting and the way in which he was treated was motivated by factors relating to race.

“The misconduct investigation did not proceed whilst criminal proceedings were ongoing. The complaint letter was received from the complainant’s solicitors outlining the precise details on 12 April.”

The complaint is against an inspector, a sergeant, a detective constable, two PCs from Harrow borough and one PC from the Diplomatic Protection Group. The BBC have more details, here, on their news site.


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