Oct 03 2012

Teacher Mugged at Avanti House School on First day of Term?

Cast your mind back a few months, and you’ll probably recall the uproar that Cllr Susan Hall, Leader of the Harrow Conservative Group, caused when she raised the issues surrounding the lack of consultations, traffic planning and risk assessment around putting the new Avanti House school into the Harrow Teachers’ Centre in Wealdstone (we’re paraphrasing here, but you get the jist).

In a follow-up letter to local one of the local papers, she wrote:

“Our primary concern has always been the safety of the potential pupils and teachers using a school on the site and, given the lack of discussion regarding local criminality, we felt compelled to raise the issue.”

As it turns out, we’re heard a report that one of the teachers at the school was mugged recently. In fact, it’s reported to have happened on the very first day of the school term. We’ve no idea what was stolen, whether the victim suffered any injuries, and there’s been no other news from other sources about this – perhaps everyone wants this kept quiet?

Harrow clearly needs more – and better – schools right across the borough, but these can’t simply be built, or shoved into existing buildings, without the impact on local residents, children – and teachers – being considered.

We’ve been waiting for the last week for the school to provide a reply to us and comment on this incident, but so far, they’ve remained tight-lipped. If they’d like to get in touch with more detail, we’d be happy to correct any inaccuracies in this article.



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