Nov 01 2014

The Junior Citizen Scheme from @MPSHarrow

police_jacketThousands of school children from across Harrow will take part in this years Junior Citizen event which is taking place between Monday 3 November and Friday 21 November at Harrow School Sports Centre, Garlands Lane, Harrow on the Hill.

The event, which is organised by police officers from Harrow’s Safer Transport Team, is designed to teach important citizen messages and life skills to Year 6 pupils in Harrow Borough, as they make the transition from primary school to secondary school.


The students will take part in interactive scenarios, covering a broad range of activities and with an emphasis on personal safety.

The event, which has proved extremely popular in the past, will see pupils engaging with police officers from the Safer Transport Team (STT), Transport for London, London Fire Brigade, NHS School Nurses and Waitrose.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”This pioneering Junior Citizen Scheme (JCS) puts them in the driving seat…”[/pullquote]Harrow School is supporting the project and has provided use of the venue for the duration of the project.

Inspector Dave Dixon of Harrow Safer Transport Team who coordinated the event said: “Preparing young people for the challenges of adulthood in today’s world is incredibly challenging. This pioneering Junior Citizen Scheme (JCS) puts them in the driving seat, enabling young people to experience adult scenarios in a controlled and safe environment.

Using feedback from the young people who have taken part in previous years, it has evolved into a unique experience like no other; the JCS has truly become a course that is designed for young people by young people, that gains more momentum every year.

Overseen by Sgt Debbie Hicks who was there at the start and whose enthusiasm and dedication has ensured it has spread across London. This year it is a privilege to invest in the young people in Harrow and host JCS here. When those who attend go on to use the skills they will learn, all the hard work will have been worth it.”

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